February 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Saige was just a girl living in a world full of nuts, normal and nice people, well some people were nice. Saige was a 8th grader. An A+ student, a good citizen. Soon, she started hanging with the wrong group. People who had at least 20 piercings in there body. Some were 13 years old and had tattoos. They smoked and drank, they partied every night staying out until 2 or 3 in thee morning. Saige's mom didn't like this idea of her hanging with these types of people. Saige protested each time saying theat "Those people are my friends. You can't forbid me to see my friends." Saige started acting weird around family and her real friends. Saige dressed different, Black shoes, black shirts, black everytheing. Her eye make up went from a lite tone to a dark smokey. Her mom hated her like this. Saige went to a party with a friend, Scarlet otherwise known as "Scar". Scar started to drink, as a good friend that saige was she began to tell scar "It was time to go." Scar didn't want to go. Saige got angry at scar and went to leave. Before she left she got a glass of water. Scar was angry at saige so instead of leaving withe her, she spiked her drink. Saige fell asleep on the strangers couch and woke up the next morning with scars and burns and her clothees torn. "What had happened last night." was all she could theink of. She found a busted up Scarlet on the floor. Saige got up to check on Scarlet. She wasn't breatheing. Saige was panicking. She called her mom. "Mom mom mom i am so sorry." Before saige's mom even let her finish she hung up. Saige knew her mom was trying to get saige to grow up and be more responsible. Saige called 911 and an ambulance came as soon as possible to find a unconscious scarlet and a weeping saige. The doctors took Scarlet to the ER. Saige waited in her check-up room for theee doctor. Waiting to her what was inside her. if she had a disease or even worse, a baby. Saige doesn't know exactly what happened theat night before. The knock on the door startled saige. She was ready. The doctor barged in and said Saige in a worried voice. Saige was worried. The tear already started rolling down her very pale cheeks. The doctor told her "Notheing was theere but in your stomach was a baby." Saige weeped. She called her mom and said, "Mom, I'm sorry for worrying you. Last night some crazy theings happened and i can't really tell you. The reason why i am calling because you are gonna be a grandma." Saige heard the dial tone and cried. The phone rang and it was saige's mom all she said was "It's okay." Then hung up. Saige went back to being her normal self. except this time with a beautiful baby girl. Syra Kay. Saige still never found out who her baby girl father was. Saige didn't care who it was all she knew was that she would love Syra no matter what. Because saige was a straight A student she graduated with Straight A's and full payment to her college of her choice. Saige chose Harvard University and took baby syra with her. Her mom was very proud of her little saige. As for Scarlet, well it was her choice to get hurt that night, she died of an overdose on Cocaine.

The author's comments:
"Teen drinking is illegal. It causes so many consequences. Don't do it."

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