Fight for our lLives

February 6, 2011
By heartbreaker910 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
heartbreaker910 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
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Five long days past and it was time to show the camp what the Chaveriem girls had in store. After days of tears, pain, and fights, we finally pulled it together. An army of blue-lightening-bolt eyed and black attire clothed girls entered the camper filled Rec Hall with the prize in our minds, a plaque on the wall. Silence took over our minds, as the hand of out director goes up. My eyes take a final glance at the walls where past winners shared their victory. The name slipped out of the mouth of the first group to go. We were up to bat. Organizing 60 girls into three lines was painful, but it was done. Our counselors start us off. In a matter of seconds, 60 teenage girls marched in with victory in our eyes, and determination on our faces. A count off started our song, and from that moment on we were in it. Our voices echoed around us, the campers, and the Rec hall. Vibrations surrounded the Rec Hall as it started to shake. The front of the stage was where I and my fellow captains lead out team. Jumping up and down, giving signals to smile and sing louder, we were untouchable. The fight song was like no other. It was powerful and intense. Turning around to count them off, I saw the faces of shocked campers, realizing that their chance of winning was over. The captains all danced out of the Rec hall with out excess energy, knowing we have nothing to lose anymore. Time started to pass and other songs filled the air. Our confidence slipped away, when the youngest girls in camp walked-in with pig tails, and voices so high only dogs can hear them. My eyes glance over at my fellow Chaveriem girls as the joy of victory jumped off their faces onto the ground. When they skipped off the stage, our eyes wondered around to find judges scoring. My eyes spotted one smiling, this was not a good sign. Other groups went up. Thankfully, they were groups that had no chance at taking the plaque. The final group finished and scores were being calculated. The camp became united for the Alma Matter. Arms around ones from other units, the sight was like watching all of the world’s nations gather in harmony. But, peace and harmony were long gone as the final scores sauntered into the Rec Hall. Each group split away from each other and united as one. Everything that could be linked or crossed was. We were literally connected as one—if we had to get up we would have fallen. Procrastination was the assistant director’s favorite game when it came to announcing winners of any competition. “Machon” took the third place name for sing 2010. My heart stopped knowing that there were only two places left, and we could have been one of them. “Second place goes to…”, the slowest words ever to come out of a person’s mouth, “Nitz Girls.” and at that moment I jumped up with excitement and joy because the next words to come out were: “ and the winners of fight song 2010, by three points, the Chaveriem Girls!” Tears skipping down my face, hugs coming from all around, it was our year. Running back to the stage for out encore performance, my friends and I pinched ourselves to make sure this was real. Straining my voice to the fullest, our song stuck to the walls of the Rec Hall, making it Chaveriem girls of 2010’s property for the rest of the summer.

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