Unavoidable Fate

February 4, 2011
Mark was a Christian and youth pastor at his church. On a Sunday morning at 11:15 Mark was in the best mood. He was having a great day so far. All he did was wake up and everyone at his house was happy as well as him. All of a sudden, a 17-year-old-boy named John came in looking sad. No one knew it but John’s parents were killed in a car accident two nights before. He felt like he needed to go to church. That’s what his family did every Sunday, but this was his first Sunday at church alone. He felt like he needed to go talk to John. When Mark got over there, his happy mood changed after he heard what John had to say about his life. John was saying he didn’t even want to live anymore. He was talking about how he was probably going to blame it all on God. As John was saying this, Mark stopped him and talked to him about life. He also talked about how his parents were killed the same way. Mark talked to him for the rest of church. At the end, Mark changed John’s outlook at life. John still was going to stay on the right track without his mother and father. Mark asked John if he would like to go to town with him right after church. John said he had nothing better to do, so he decided he wanted to go. Heading to town, they kept talking about life and what’s going on. At 12:14 a truck driver lost control, crossed lanes, and hit Mark and John head on. The impact killed them instantly. At this time the weather was sunny, but by the time the fire department and the paramedics got there, a little random cloud was above the scene and it had a pretty little sun shower at the accident. When its your time, its your time.

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