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The Beating Stops Now

February 4, 2011
By SilentWeasel BRONZE, Vega, Texas
SilentWeasel BRONZE, Vega, Texas
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“We need you to respond to a domestic disturbance at 505 North 11th street as soon as possible Officer Hart.”

“This is the third time in three weeks,” Bull E. Hart grumbled. As he is putting on his clothes quick as he can, the tension keeps building at 505 North 11th street, the Morris’ house.

Reese, the younger of the two brothers, has had enough of his older brother Chip. The bullying has gone far enough, and Reese is no longer concerned with the consequences of his actions. The two boys break into a fist fight, which proceeds until Chip is satisfied with the amount of Reese’s blood on the floor.

About this time, Officer Hart has finished dressing and leaves the house, with lights and sirens blaring right through the middle of the complex system of roadways. As he comes up on the intersection of Aorta and Pneumatic streets, he decides that he should run the red light in order to stop the domestic faster. This, however, almost costs him his life. As he proceeds through the intersection, a silver Magnum sees the green light he has and enters as well, missing officer Hart’s squad car by inches.
“Wow, I dodged a bullet there,” thought officer Hart.

Finally, Officer Hart arrived at 11th street, turning the corner to an extremely scary sight. Both Reese and Chip were holding .357 Magnums, each pointing at the other boy. Officer Hart sped down the street, screeching to a halt.

As he exited the car, the same thought went through the boys’ head as if they were twins.

If he gets in between my brother and me, then he is going to have to stop me before I stop him.

In unison, these now linked brothers turn and point the barrels of their pistols at Officer Hart. As he reaches for his gun to counter the two boys, their pistols fire. Amazingly, only one bullet hole appears, on the left side of Officer Hart’s chest. He falls to the ground, dead. Awestruck, both of the boys hop into their cars and leave the scene, never to return.

Three days later the obituary read, “Officer Bull Et Hart was shot by two delinquent teenagers in a domestic disturbance. He will always be remembered as a hero.”

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