February 4, 2011
By ReeseMorris BRONZE, Vega, Texas
ReeseMorris BRONZE, Vega, Texas
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“ We are now boarding for flight 172 to Dallas,” said the flight attendant over the intercom. On this flight was Sergeant James Winters who was finally on his way home from Afghanistan for the first time in four years. He hadn't seen his mom, dad, or little brother Mike since he shipped out four years ago for Boot Camp.

This was the last flight of five before he would finally make it home. As he boarded the flight, most of the seats were taken, but he finally came upon an open seat towards the back of the plane. Sitting there was a tall slender man with a tan complexion and jet black hair.

James asked, “ May I sit here?”

The man replied, “Yeah, sure.”

James sat down and buckled his seat belt, and the plane began to take off.

“Hi. My name is James Winters.”

The man replied, “ Jumar Abdul Raheem.”

James said, “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

While he was sitting in his seat, he began having flashbacks of the past four years. He started thinking of boot camp and how he and his best friend Joe had enlisted in the Marine Core together and were in the same platoon in Afghanistan. He thought of how every night they would have to patrol the city for anything bad that could happen. Most of the time nothing would happen. It just seemed like an abandoned city with no one around. One day the weather was cloudy and stormy. The clouds were as dark as the barrel of the M16 he was carrying, and the wind was calm. He was driving the Humvee while Joe was running the machine gun on top. Suddenly, an RPG fired and exploded on the back of the Humvee, throwing James into the street. The rest of the Humvee exploded as James landed. His best friend Joe who had been with him all the way since boot camp had died.

Suddenly, the lightning struck and then rain began to pour like it never had before. There was no wind, and the sky was a darkish blue color.

The the plane arrived at Dallas and James was finally home. The expression on his face was different than it usually was. There was happiness and liveliness. He got his luggage and decided he was going to get a cab for the ride home. As he was calling a cab, an out of control car came storming in. As it was coming in, it went right by James and exploded.

“ Nine casualties,” said the officer, “ Including an Afghanistan veteran that just got back home.

An other officer replied, “ We believe it was a suicide bomber. His name was Jumar Abdul Raheem, we have been tracking him but recently we lost him at Chicago.”

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