One Red Light

February 4, 2011
“Girls, hurry up!” Addison yelled up the stairs at her daughters. “You are going to be late for school.”

Addison had twin daughters, Hagen and Kyla, they both had blonde hair and eyes as blue as the summer’s sky. They were five years old and were going to their first day of kindergarden. Kyla went back up stairs to get her brand new backpack. Hagen and Kyla had an older brother named Cason. He was already in the car waiting on them. Hagen was standing by the door waiting to leave as Kyla sprinted down the stairs down the stairs.

“Okay, lets go,” she said as she ran past Hagen and jumped in the car.

“Finally, It took you long enough,” Cason said when everyone was in the car.

Addison let Cason sit in the front seat when they were only driving a short distance, and since the school was only five minutes away he was in the front seat. He was only in the third grade. Hagen and Kyla were in the back seat.

“Are you girls ready for school?” Addison asked.

“Yes,” they said at the same time. They went on and on about what they were going to do when they got there. They talked about how many friends they were gonna make. What they thought their teacher was going to be like. It went on and on.

They were just a few blocks away from the school. Addison was speeding because she did not want her kids to be late on the first day of school. She was not paying attention and ran a red light. A big pick up ran into the passenger side of their tiny station wagon. The impact of the crash made Addison’s car roll six times. The car ended up in a field across the road. Four more cars were also involved in the wreck.

When the vehicle stopped rolling, Addison was dizzy. Everything was blurry. She was not sure what had happened. She felt her head; it was wet. Addison looked at her hand and saw blood. She looked over at Cason. Cason had blood gushing from his head and he was unconscious. Addison felt his neck for a pulse. It was not strong, but he had a pulse. She looked in the back seat to check on the twins, but only Kyla was there. All the windows were busted out.

“Hagen!” Addison yelled with tears in her eyes. Addison always checks to make sure the girls’ seat belts are secure. However, this morning they were in a rush, and she forgot to check. Addison felt horrible. She checked Kyla’s pulse, but she could not find one.

Addison could hear the sirens getting closer. She tried to get out of the car but the door would not open. She was still light-headed and could not think straight. When the paramedics got there, she was barley conscious. The paramedics got Addison in the the ambulance. Next, the Paramedics got Cason out. He was in a horrible condition. His arm had been cut off, but it was no where near him.

“The boy’s arm has been cut off ” one of the paramedics yelled out. “ If you see it please bring it to station one”

The police officers on the scene searched for the arm. One officer started to stray off toward the forest. A few moments later he came running back with a little girl in his arms. It was Hagen. Hagen only had a broken arm. She was completely alert. She was balling her eyes out, she kept asking where Kyla was.

“Where is my sister?” She was now screaming at the man carrying her to the ambulance. “I want my sister!”

The paramedic found Cason’s arm next to the road. Cason was sent to the hospital. The other paramedics pulled Kyla out of the car. The paramedics felt for a pulse, but like Addison they could not find one.

“She is dead.” The paramedic said.

Hagen heard the paramedic say this and bit the man carrying her. He screamed and dropped her. Hagen got up and ran over to her sister. She laid down beside her.

“No you can not die,” Kyla whimpered.

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