Any Other Day

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Aubrey lay on her bed sleeping and dreaming about the life she had. She suddenly jumped off when she heard her mom screaming from downstairs “Aubrey, wake up!” She got up and looked at the mirror with her bright blue eyes and saw her tall, bony body reflecting back at her. She went over to the calendar and marked September 22, 2010 off; she saw the note she had written next to it saying “My Birthday.” She was officially ten years old today. She just took a deep breath and thought, “I know that mom doesn’t even remember.” Aubrey put on the same dingy shirt and overly faded pants she had been wearing for three days now. Her bony arms swam in the sleeves of her size large shirt. She got her tote with the few school materials she had in it and went downstairs reluctantly to the cramped kitchen. Her mom told her “there’s the breakfast, now go wake up your brothers and get them dressed and fed.” Unhurriedly and depressingly she climbed up to her brothers rooms. She woke up Johnny, Michael, Keith, Kevin, Luke, and Ben and got them ready and fed. Then, they were off to school. Aubrey arrived in her classroom and went directly to her wooden seat as she heard people laughing and saying, “She wore it again.” Aubrey didn’t have friends and no one really paid attention to her. Her teacher didn’t involve her in the class and Aubrey didn’t mind too much because she never had very good grades. The bell rang for the day so she went to pick up her brothers and headed home once again to make food, mend all the torn clothes, clean up the house, do her schoolwork, and go to sleep like any other day.

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Bridgy said...
on Feb. 23 2011 at 9:32 am

This article has really inspired me! I really appreciate you taking the time to put this "lil" story. Once again thanx!


-Bridgy (:

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