February 1, 2011
By Hannah-Beth SILVER, Arlington, Texas
Hannah-Beth SILVER, Arlington, Texas
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It’s cold today, freezing really. Mama says she hasn’t seen it this cold since the year I was born. I was always a cold child, and despite living in Texas - our summers are long and winters warm. I always dreamed of moving somewhere with snow- somewhere as cold as I was. Momma says I came out and they thought I was sick because I was shivering so much. It took them a long time to realize nothing was wrong with me. Momma laughed at me this morning too. She woke me up and said school was canceled because of the snow. I sprung from my bed that moment and bounded out the door in my bare feet and oversized t-shirt covering my bum. Most moms would’ve said to bundle up or at least put some pants on but my mother knew it wasn’t worth the fight. I got a chance to stand in the cold. The snow numbed my feet and the wind sent the hair on my arms into tiny hurricanes over my skin. I think the neighbor was going to let their kids play outside in the snow but decided against it after seeing the half clothed neighbor child spinning between the falling flakes of ice. I think when I’m older I’m going to buy two houses. One in the northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern- I’m thinking Chili. That way I can move between them every year and it would be cold all the time. I don’t know why I like the cold. IT’s numbing. Calming.

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