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February 3, 2011

The world was dark. Not pitch black; one lamp remained on, and the sun was barely rising, giving the room a midnight blue shade. Everything was dulled at the edges and softened by the dark. I let my eyes close again. The sensation was delicious; my mind sank down into the carpeting. With each breath my tension melted away. My regrets, my ambitions, my failures, were softly puffed away as my breathing regulated. The blankets covered every inch of me; I felt like they were holding me, keeping me warm and snuggled. The bed itself had molded to my form. I was in a state of comfort that only came from several hours of immobile rest. But it was 6:00 AM. And counting. I had to get up, and go somewhere that had no soft edges, no warmth. I wondered why it was worth it. Nothing held any allure except the warm embrace of my blankets. I snuggled in and let my eyes close. I can’t, though. A flash of guilt runs through me, ruining the comfort. I have a duty, to my future and to my family. My eyes open reluctantly. I have to get up.

So I get up. Damn it.

The author's comments:
Some mornings, I do not not not not not not not not want to get up. And all those not's were for emphasis, not confusion. I really do not want to get up in the morning sometimes.

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