Death trap

January 17, 2011
I could feel my legs shaking not sure if I would be able to stand any longer I hear him say “I swear if you say a word you will be next”. I didn’t know what to do. My mind was racing my ethical beliefs out the window. Trying to think of what to do, I just sat there in dead silence. Sitting in the wooden stool I was tied me too I could feel my wrists start to throb. The ropes were too tight to get out of. Trying my hardest not to fall asleep I could feel my eyes start to droop. I thought if I fell asleep I would never wake up again.
Thinking about what my mom had been telling me, about how my boyfriend of 4 years had been really Clandestine about his life. I kept thinking about how different my life could be if I had listened to her worries and hadn’t moved in with a culprit.
Thinking back to how this all started, reading a paper with the title Four people were found dead in a garage last Tuesday, with no explanation why? In the Suburbs of South eastern Chicago, the crime rate has become rampant. Residents of Chicago have been told to lock their doors watch their every step.
It seems crazy to be living your life in such fear. Growing up in the same city that was once quiet and peaceful and now all of a sudden people all around us are dying for no apparent reason. I concurred that my boyfriend would agree with me about how crazy this all has become until I found him in the garage covered in blood and a knife in his hand.
As I stood there frozen in shock. My first thought was to run but that seemed inane at this point because if I did he would kill me. I tried to move but as I tried to pick up my lead heavy leg I saw him take off. He caught me and started yelling it’s not what u think… He sat me down in the chair and used duress on me until I calmed down and that’s when it all happened. He was a criminal and he had done a flagrant thing but that didn’t stop me from thinking my life was soon to be over.

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