Mama I'm Comin Home

January 31, 2011
By casey101 BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
casey101 BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
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It was a Friday night we were looking up at the street lights we didn't know what to say, or do. So we were all a dream. just walking around, we went to Johnnies house. I wanted to run away but I wouldn’t. We knew it was going to be a fight, we to think it was, But I knew it didn’t know what to do. So we walked around to the back door and BANG!

I kept looking at the heart monitor, trying to figure it out the little beeps kept on getting slower and slower. I saw him move I took a couple steps closer, his eyes opened and tried to say something, I couldn’t understand it.


BANG! A door opened two doctors pushed me out of the room and started yelling at me asking why I’m not in my room. I was there for three days and I only had one visitor, that was my big brother “Donnie.” But he wouldn’t tell me anything about Johnnie, all he kept doing was singing a song from Ozzy Osbourne “Mama I’m Coming Home.” I loved that song, but it wasn’t for me it was for Johnnie. I later found out that Johnnie died that day the doctors pushed me out.

“So do you wanna go see what Johnnies doing.”


“Hey Johnnie what’s going on dude.”

“Not much how about you.”

“Not much, where have you been we haven’t been able to find you.”

“Nah man, just sitting here smoking it up.”

“Smoking I thought you quit.”

“I did, but Jason asked for his money.”


“I gave him ten dollars.”
“Ten you’re under three hundred.
“I know I know.”
“Your gonna get killed.”
“Come on, man stop it.”
“Alright, alright well clay`s waiting outside for us.”
“What are we gonna do.”

“Man I don’t know.”
(shitting on my front porch)

“Man look at them they think they own everything.”

“I know its bullshit.”

“Clay stop popping your knuckles.”

“Well I can’t help it, I always think there gonna jump us.”

“If anybody gets jumped its gonna be Johnnie over here.”

“Well I can’t help it, I always think there gonna jump us.”
“Shut up.”
“Besides wheres Donnie at.”
“Who knows probably with a girl some where.”
“If he comes home drunk one more time I'm going to be so peed off.”
“Man I fell for you.”
“Shut up both of you its my brother and ill deal with him
“It getting dark I better start heading home.”
“Alright man I’ll see you tomorrow then.”
“Yea see ya man.”
“Well I better get home to.”
“Bold on, man there’s Donnie.”
”Shit he’s wasted again.”
“Come on man, what are you wasted for.”
“I ain't wasted.”
“Help me pick his ass up he passed out again.”
(later on)
“Shit that's Jason.”
“I told you.”
“Should we run.”
“No lets go around back.”

He hit me with a shovel and i turned around and punched him in the face, they got me in a full nelson. at that time i saw Johnnie getting kicked while he was on the ground. i yelled out “NO” and head butted the guy holding me with the back of my head and turned around and started punching him while he was on the ground. Then I got hit again by the shovel I was knocked out cold. When I woke up in the hospital and went to his room I was looking at the heart monitor and I remembered the street light.

Mama I’m Comin home

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