Orange Juice

February 2, 2011
By reillysmiley22 GOLD, Hoosick Falls, New York
reillysmiley22 GOLD, Hoosick Falls, New York
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I’m not exactly happy with my boyfriend. I mean, you cant blame me, because of him I almost died. I guess it wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t anything I would dump him over but…it still wasn’t a smart move on his part.

It was summer, but the cold rain made it feel like spring. The sound of thunder made me feel lonely in my empty house. I was alone. Usually my parents don’t leave me alone overnight but my grandmother had some kind of emergency so they had to go stabilize her before she had one of her psychotic melt downs. I really wasn’t sure what had happened, all I was told was I wasn’t invited and they would be gone for three days.

In the beginning I thought it would be great. I relaxed all day, watched some movies and took a nice hot bath. By the time 7:00 rolled around was quite hungry. I explored the refrigerator only to come across a drop of orange juice and a slice of cheese. I sat at the table alone.

A lot goes through your mind when you sit in silence. In my case it was why my boyfriend wasn’t texting me. Was he with some girl? Did his phone break? Is he mad at me? No…He was always mad at me, I couldn’t figure it out. Finally I snapped out of my daze and when I reach to check my phone I realize it isn’t there. I search for it, tearing through my house, only to realize it was on the top shelf of the refrigerator where the orange juice once sat.

When I checked for any messages I saw that I had three, all from my boyfriend. Before I could even skim through them my phone started to ring. “Hello?” I answered calmly, still out of breath from my hectic search.

“Oh now you decide to answer” and before I could defend myself to my oh, so caring boyfriend he barked at me “So you wanna go or not?”.

I was so clueless of what he was asking I blurted “What?” boisterously because his tone with me had been simply ridiculous. After that he knew I wasn’t about to put up with his awful attitude and he gave me a chance to tell him I had misplaced my phone. After he was aware of how stupid he made himself seem he explained what he was talking about. From what I understood we were going to go camping, well sort of camping, I think we would of slept in the back of his truck but I wasn’t going to ask questions, knowing how short his temper had been just two minutes ago. I agreed to go, thinking there couldn’t be anyplace worse then this house, empty of everything, except cheese, for there was still one slice.

It was about eight o’clock when he pulled into my driveway. I ran out and hopped in the passengers seat, slamming the door behind me, happy to be in the presence of someone who isn’t behind a television screen. The car was silent for about five minutes until I finally muttered out a “Soooo” which resulted in him giving me a dirty look. “Where are we going anyway? Is it close?” Still no answer. “please just answer me, I don’t understand how you can already be in a bad mood.

“Can you not hear that? My truck sounds like it has got some kind of disease and I don’t have the money to get it fixed, so yeah I’m a little ticked off, we got a while till we get there.” I could tell he was frustrated.

“I’m sorry babe.” And the silence returned. We turned onto a dirt road which was extremely muddy from all the rain. After about two miles we were stuck, in the mud, in the dark, in some forest I didn’t recognize. I was a little scared because I wasn’t sure what to do, I was about to call my friend Holly to pick us up, but I had no cell phone reception. So, my boyfriend, the big tough guy that he is decides he will go walk for help, but refused that I could go, I had to stay with the truck incase anyone came by. Perfect. I was scared to death, sitting in the old rusty truck.

It had been a while and I started to doze off. Light from the headlights of a truck forced me to open my eyes and see what was going on. I saw the shadow of a man in a baseball hat, fairly tall and he was approaching me in my vehicle. I didn’t get out yet. Instead I waited until he got a little closer. He waved trying to give me some kind of signal to get out. I stepped out of the truck, staying close, incase I wanted to get back in.

He came closer and touched my arm, uncomfortable, I reached for the truck door, wanting to get to a safer place, but he pushed it shut, and pushed me against the door spinning me around and picking me up. I screamed but no one could help me, I was in the middle of nowhere. He threw me in the back of his truck as I noticed his backseat was full of other men. As he began to drive I jumped out, thinking I would be safe, but I was wrong, for he had noticed and got out, this time not being as gentle. He shoved me in the back seat with the other men. They held me tight as I tried to fight them off. I finally gave up as we continued down the slippery and bumpy road. Before we reached our destination, the fat one blind folded me and tied my wrists and feet.

Someone picked me up out of the vehicle. The air smelt like cigarette smoke and I felt a chill through my whole body. I heard a few bangs and I was dropped onto a cold dirty ground, I didn’t know where I was for the blindfold still prevented my sight. I heard whispering and more loud noises. Soon it was silent, like my kitchen had been earlier that day.

I slipped my hands out of a twist tie they used when throwing me in the truck. Quickly I threw off my blindfold. As I looked around I could hardly see anything. Cracks of light shown in from what seemed to be a door. I reached in my pocket and retrieved my cell phone. As I glared at the screen I was still unable to make any calls, so I knew I was still out, somewhere away from the rest of the world.

I used the light from my small cell phone screen to get a better look at my surroundings. Rough wooden walls, and rusted nails made up the three small walls and then there was two large doors, where the light was still shining through.

My heart dropped when I heard the voice of the man who had taken me earlier that day. He had a rough voice, and the inability to be quiet. He attempted to whisper and heard him clearly as he said “Where you goin?”

A soft more feminine voice responded to him, “Nowhere Pa, I need some fresh air, give me a break!” She sounded young and sad. Doors slammed and it was relatively quiet except for the sounds of bellowing laughs from a distance. Shadows passed by the doors of the shed and my heart became nervous again. The door opened a crack and a thin girl with straggly hair peeked in. “Come on!” she said to me with a hushed tone, but I couldn’t speak.

“Listen, I know your scared and stuff but you gotta leave now, come on girl” I felt like I could trust her so I stood up and she pulled me closer to the door. “You see that light?” I looked down the road and saw an old flickering streetlight. “Run to that light, and keep running as much as you can past it, there is a gas station five miles down, you look strong, just keep running” She didn’t give anymore instructions then that, so I ran.

It felt like I had ran past at least fifteen streetlights and I was out of breath, I felt weak. I felt a vibration on my thigh. My phone! I answered “Hello!”

“Where did you go? Why did you leave the truck! I have been so worried! Where are you?” He sounded a bit relieved.

“I was taken, abducted, stolen, kidnapped, I don’t know where I am but I got away, I think I’m supposed to be headed for a gas station.”

He quickly responded, “Oh my god baby! I’m with a police man right now, hold on!” Then I heard him say, more distantly then before “She’s by a gas station, do you know where she is?”

“I think so!” The Policeman yelled.

“Ill be there as soon as I can, stay on the phone with me until im there okay?” I had never heard him like this.

“Okay…” I replied, But my phone was beeping dead, and soon I lost the call. I started walking down the road again and within five minutes a police car pulled up next to me.

“Thank god!” He seemed happy to see me, and I suggested we don’t come into this area anymore.

We went to the police station for a while and then I got dropped off at my house, where my boyfriend stayed with me because I wasn’t ready to be alone at night. When my parents finally got back I told them what happened, but they didn’t believe me…they thought I was trying to make them feel bad for not buying more orange juice.

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on Feb. 4 2011 at 11:14 pm
datrumpeter PLATINUM, Jefferson City, Missouri
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wow. just wow. this story is soooo good. i love the ending, it made me laugh. great work!!



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