January 31, 2011
By Shelby Otta BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
Shelby Otta BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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Once upon a time there was a not so bright, funny, girl. Her name was Shelby, she had a lot of friends, and she was always the life of the party. She always had to have it her way… her way or the highway she always said. She lived in an old college dorm but she didn't mind nor did her friends they still had the best times there always had the most fun times. Everybody knew what she was about but she wasn't just any other college student who parties, she went all out. Going out almost every single night, not doing her studies of course. Some people thought she had a problem but she was living life the way she wanted to. Anyways she didn't like going to class and half the time would show up hung-over or still half gone. Her mom pushed on her to finish college because she had not and she knew how important it was for her to be able to finish school. Shelby respected her although growing up was difficult when sometimes neither of them did the right thing. So Shelby listened to her mom and did what she said most of time. She thought she knew everything, she thought she had the world figured out. Shelby was always busy it was very rare that she would sit at home. Well today was one of those days a Saturday and she’s chilling at home doing nothing. She thought to herself what has the world come to a Saturday’s night and I am chilling at home alone with no one besides my pet gerbil Debbie. But she was not the best company, all she did was run on her wheel, and eat her flakes. To pass time Shelby decided she was going to play Xbox. While she was busy at killing Nazi Zombies, she heard her phone vibrate on the table, she paused the game and set the controller down and shrugged over to see who it was contacting her. It was a text from Kayla saying “There is a party going on now at the Holiday Inn on Water Street, JD’s hosting it, where are you?” She read it and in and instantly smiled, and replied “be there soon”. Now this was the kind of night she lived for she thought to herself. So with a hop in her step she went ahead and got ready, she proceeded to shower and do her hair. While she was blow drying her hair she felt a vibration on the bathroom sink, it was her phone again, this time it was her mother calling her. She turned off the dryer and answered. Her mother said “Are you going anywhere tonight?” She replied “Well yeah”. Her mother asked where and when she was planning on going. Shelby got to wondering why her mother was acting like this so she asked her why she was being so questiony. Her mother proceeded to tell her there had been an uprising in murders in town and rapping's. Her mother didn't want her to go out tonight, she just didn't feel right. Shelby being the way she is stubbornly said no, and said she does what she wants. She said “I love you mom and ill be alright”. After a few more exchange of words Shelby said she had to get off and get ready. So she got back to her getting ready and was almost ready to leave and looked in her fridge to see if she had any alcohol to take so she wouldn't show up dry. She was basically empty, so she decided before she would go to the hotel she would go corner liquor store. She went in and got her favorite drinks. Smirnoff, Keystone, and Jack Daniels were on the menu for that evening. Heading on her way to the hotel she decided to have a road beer, or a few. It was a rainy dark night, surprisingly Shelby liked rainy days. She got tired of the sun shining hard on her every day, and felt like it was a vacation on a rainy day, like she didn't have to do anything such as work, clean or do her homework. Anyways she was on way to the hotel and was quickly getting buzzed. It was strange because she had a tolerance for alcohol because she drank almost every day. She thought to herself maybe I'm getting like this already because I haven't ate hardly anything today. She finally arrives at the hotel and parked out in the second row. She is got herself together and ready to show up with a bang. She slides down out of her Durango and she sees in the corner of her eye a scraggly looking man. This man is creeping on her a couple feet away from her just standing at a light pole. He walks up to her and she doesn't know what to think. It’s an awkward silence and then he suddenly leaps at her and tires to steal her purse and alcohol. She swiftly reacts to being how buzzed she is and kicks him in the groin. It paralyzes him momentarily for just enough time for her to grab her stuff and get in her car. She is breathing heavily, sweating bullets, she narrowly avoided death. But sadly she was not in a right state of mind. She was almost border line drunk. So in her state of mind the only thing that she thought she could do was run over the scraggly looking man. She wasn't thinking of any consequences or even if there would be a possibility of killing the man. She had just had a life changing event happen to her. She could have got raped or killed. But she wasn't thankful; she just had revenge all over her mind. She put her key in the ignition and turned it in a fast motion. She was psyching herself up for what she was about to do. She was so gone that she wasn't thinking of consequences or the possibilities that could happen. She backs her car out and turns it to the right and the man was suddenly right in her bright gleaming lights. She rev-ed the engine like an alligator taunting a defenseless kitten in the wild. She threw on the gas and spun out her tires. And she actually hit the man. After she run him over completely, she mockingly yelled out her window “couple wet wipes case a bum try to touch me, ewe”. In her triumph glory she decided to have another drink. Because at this point it didn't really matter. For the first time that night she had thought and realized the police will be looking for her. She decided to drive home and invite everyone from the hotel party to her house for a big ole bash. On the way there while she was jamming out to the radio, she sees a speck of blue, red and white lights flickering. At this point she had forgotten she ran over the man, and didn't think anything of the police pulling her over. The cop told her to turn the vehicle off and step out. When she did she got placed in handcuffs and got put into the back of the police car. That night she got to spend the night in jail while all her friends partied at her house and had the time of their lives. After she sobered up in the cell late at night she was wishing she had listened to her mom, and not made this mistake that she will have to pay for.

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