Change In Faith

January 31, 2011
By crstncore13 BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
crstncore13 BRONZE, Blue Mound, Illinois
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“Come on Micah! We’re gonna be late!” Grant said pushing Micah into the church

“I don’t even know why I’m here, what is church gonna do for me?” Micah asked
Hey man i changed my life it could change yours too.” Grant retorted finally pushing Micah through the door. “Just try this one time if you don’t like it I won’t make you come back i promise.
“Ok man.” Micah replied with some irritation in his voice.
They went through a big door and on the other side there was a huge room with a stage, basketball hoop, sound booth, and a little bar area where you could get drinks. There were about twenty kids just talking and hanging out shooting some baskets or around the bar grabbing a drink.
The youth pastor came up to Grant and said “Hey Grant what’s shaking?”
Grant replied with “Nothing much Pastor Josh.”

Josh looked over at Micah and said “So Grant who’s your friend here?”

“Oh this is Micah he’s my best friend.” Grant replied

The pastor reached his hand out and shook Micah’s

“What’s up man?” Josh asked Micah

“Nothing just checking things out.” Micah replied
“Well feel free to look around I’ll catch you guys later.” Josh said and walked off to another group who had entered the room soon after Micah and Grant.
As time passed and it came time for the service everyone gathered around the stage and got situated. Pastor Josh walked up to the front of the stage and started talking about purity and how it was one of God’s greatest gifts. This didn’t sit well with Micah and he stormed out as soon as the final prayer was said.
Later that night he was on Facebook and recieved a friend request from Adylyn Jones, a girl he had met at youth group that night. He didn’t want to be rude and honestly he thought she was pretty cute so he added her. She messaged him very quickly.
“Hey” she said.
“Hi” he said back.
“Where did you go after service I didn’t get a chance to say bye.”
“Sorry I left I couldn’t take it anymore.”
“Just the stuff he was saying.”
“What’s wrong with what he said?”
“Its kinda a long story”
“I have time :)” she replied
He couldn’t help but to want to tell her, he felt like he could trust her with anything. “Well” he said slowly “all that stuff about purity, I mean me and my ex... well..... we kinda... did that stuff.”
“You don’t know much about God do you?” Adylyn asked
“No not much” Micah replied
“Well God will forgive you if you ask him for it”
Micah just stared at the computer screen for a few seconds, “Really? He would just forgive me like that?” he replied

“Ok you really don’t know much about God then!” she said back to him

“Guess not sorry.”

“It’s ok but if you pray to him and ask forgiveness he will forgive you”

‘but... I don’t know....”

“I know its hard to believe trust me.” Adylyn replied

“Ok I’ll think about it...” and with that Micah signed off of Facebook and went to bed.

The next night Micah got back on Facebook and saw Adylyn online. He messaged her and said “I tried to ask forgiveness but it didn’t work... I mean its still there it still hurts... I don’t know... why do I keep what holds me down?”

Adylyn replied “ I know it is still there but God has forgiven you it just doesn’t seem like it you will always have the memories but it will get easier with time, trust me I know...”

Micah signed off and turned off his computer he didn’t believe that nothing happened after his long talk with God.

He went to church that next Wednesday Pastor Josh was preaching about Jacob and Esau.

“Esau traded away his birth rights for some stew you guys because he thought he was dying. Don’t trade away something important to you for some stew in the end you will find its not worth it, look at this last verse ‘From that day on Esau dispised his birthright” Esau hated his birthrights because he traded them away for something he could done himself. So today I issue you all a challenge, I’m going to pass out a peice of paper and on it says, ‘My stew is...’ write what your stew is and throw it away in the trashcan to my right then you can come to the alter and pray if you feel like you need too”

Micah was moved by this service he wrote one word on that piece of paper, a name, the name was Salena, his ex-girlfriend, and he threw it away in the trash can and went to the alter to pray, he prayed that God would take the pain away and that he was so sorry for what he had done. In the middle of his pray he felt a hand on his back, he looked back and saw Adylyn on her knees praying with and for Micah.

After the ceremony Micah went to Adylyn and asked her why she prayed for him.

She replied “Because God told me to do it.”

Micah smiled. Then he grabbed her hand and walked out of the youth room into a brand new life.

The author's comments:
This is a true story about me finding God.

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