January 29, 2011
By , Borrego Springs, CA
It was ten till twelve AM when I decided to sneak out with my friends. I jumped out of my bed grabbed my jacket and headed towards the door. I was 2 feet way from the door when my brother passed fortunately he didn’t see me. When I was outside I scrolled threw my contacts till I found the right number and started to call Ivonne and Hernan.

“Hello”? She mumbled.

“Hey bonnie, Can you sneak out tonight?” I whispered.

“Of course, I’ll call Hernan.” She whispered as well.

They both said yes, so I ran to Hernan’s because I was so scared being by myself. When I got to his house we decided to go get Ivonne.

“Ivonne!” I squeild.

“Yesi!” she replied

When we got Ivonne from her house we had notice that some thing was coming after her, we could hear it run and it was breathing heavily.

“Did you hear that?’ I asked.

“Yes.” Ivonne replied

“I heard it, too.” Hernan added.

When it came to the light we saw that it was Ivonne’s puppy.

“OMG its just Ivonne’s puppy!” I sighed in relief.
So we had to wait for Ivonne to go leave him back to her house.
When she was done putting him away we headed towards Hernan’s house.
As we ran Ivonne explained how the puppy got out.

“He digged himself a hole” she explained breathless.

There we meet Ana and Geraldo.

“Hi” they both said simultaneously.

As we all made a bonfire each one of us would take turns putting firewood in the fire. We laughed and talked about our happy and sad moments all night along. We all took some pictures. We would never talk at school and just the fact that we were all getting along made it a night I would never forget. I’ve learned to hold every person in my life close to me because u never know what life has in store for you.

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