Morning Dew

January 26, 2011
By a.d.soccer11 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
a.d.soccer11 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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My alarm goes off playing Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and I think to myself there be no way it can time to get up yet. I swear I was just getting into bed at 10:00 pm last night. But sure enough when I look at the clock it’s 7:00 am. I hit “off” on my remote to turn the song off for the alarm. My brother’s alarm starts to go off, but he hits snooze and tries to sleep some more, but only for about a minute cause sure enough, his alarm goes off again. Then I start to slowly get up from my beauty sleep.
When I crawl out of bed, I head to the washroom to wash my face and start on my day. My dorky brother Oscar isn’t even up yet and he is the one who takes a shower in the morning. But he takes forever! By the time I am done getting dressed he finally gets into the shower at like 7:10, but that is when I need the washroom to fix my hair. You see, I’m smart; I always take a shower at night and I don’t take that long. I take barely 5 minutes.
As I finish in the washroom, I bang on my brothers door to try to get the nerd up. I bang basically like 10 times before he finally groans and gets up. When I get to my room I turn on 106.1 Kiss fm to listen to music, as I get ready. I start to sing with the song Raise your Glass by Pink to try to wake myself up and annoy my brother. He hates it when I sing in the morning, but he sings all the time, so I try to show him how I feel when he sings.
Oh excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Samantha. Sam or Sammy for short. I live in Shoreline, which is near Seattle, but a little North of it. I go to Shorewood High School and I am a freshman. I feel so young compared to the seniors and juniors. The sophomores aren’t that much older than me so I don’t really feel young around them. I am 14 years old and my birthday is April 25. Well, now you know a little bit about me. Let’s get back to the story.
The clock shows 7:15 am now and I head to the kitchen to make my lunch and get some breakfast. My brother is STILL in the shower. I guess it has only been 5 minutes, but I still need to do my hair! He irritates me so much! I turn the lights on and off and yell at him to get out so I can do my hair, but of course he takes 10 minutes just to get out of the shower.
It’s now 7:20 am and Oscar finally gets out of the washroom. I finally start on my hair. Up or down? Hmm. Well I put it up yesterday, so lets just put my bangs back today. I twist my bangs back and it takes me five minutes to finally get it right. I spray it with hair spray to it will stay and so my hair won’t get frizzy. Now I start on my backpack. Is it 2, 4, 6 or 1, 3, 5? Well it is Wednesday so it is 1, 3, and 5. I have 1st period Honors English with Lachman, 3rd period Science with Geisy, and 5th period World Geography with Guthrie. This is going to be a hard day.
It’s now 7:30 am. My mother comes into the living room and says that it’s time to go. My brother isn’t ready of course and so we have to wait for him. He brings out his backpack, shoes, and jacket. First he puts his shoes on, but he isn’t very good at tying his shoes so I do it for him as he gets his backpack ready. He has to go back to his room to get his laptop and it is now 7:31 am.
All of us were supposed to leave at 7:30 am. He is such a dork! He puts his jacket on and is finally ready.
I open the front door and look outside. It’s so dark out. I look at the ground and see the morning dew on the grass. The sun was coming up very slowly to make a beautiful sunrise, one of my favorite times of the day. But my first and ultimate favorite time of the day is sunset. I walk down the pathway and open the red gate to go to the car.
We finally drive up our driveway and onto the street. My mom turns on the radio in the car and we listen to 80’s music on our way to school.
When we get to school I feel like I am in a dream. I jump out of bed and sure enough it was a dream. I look at the clock and it shows 3:30 am. So I guess it was a dream, a silly little dream. I lay my head back on the pillow and slowly fall back into a deep sleep.

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