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January 26, 2011
By 9Jonah9 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
9Jonah9 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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It was a dark morning everything moving so quickly, well I stood still laying down in the back seat of my Subaru. Warm air rushing over my head warming my red nose. It was six thirty in the morning the smell of McDonalds was in the air after me and my friend had just downed two Egg McMuffins. After along week of school it felt good to just unwind or just “Chilax” as I like to say. We were heading up to the mountains like we did every Saturday morning to go skiing and drink some hot chocolate. I thought heading up to the mountain was the best part, the driving, the silent fall of snow and the smell of fresh clean air. Now that we had passed the hustle of the entire city it was so quiet like the whole world was stopped. It was as if just like how you can press the paus button on the TV but time is still moving. Only the sound of the tires chains ripping against the ice and snow, filled the car with sound the crunch of the ice as the car moved forward on the highway.

As we got to the lodge we saw the slope called “Big Chief” covered in my snow. Then we pulled in to the lot making a left around the pile of snow to the side, all I could hear was the crunching of the snow being compacted by the car and the constant talking of people. I acted if I was asleep as the car came to a halt and the engine kept on its constant hum. Then it happened the knock on the window I came up really fast to act as if startled by this corruption of beauty. That’s when I saw him it was Jack this kid had followed me around since 5th grade always so bothersome, he never even realized no one liked him. Yet he was still persistent of trying to be friends with me, so as I saw him with my eyes half open I closed them again. I then rolled over and acted as if I had imagined the noise. That’s when my friend came out of the car, and could tell what was going on, so he told Jack I was really tired and to let him sleep for a little longer. So Jack said “Oh that’s okay I will see ya up there then?” My friend then agreed saying “Yeah we will be looking for you” even though we will be doing the opposite.

So as he left I got up and put on my snow pants and coat. Then I grabbed my hat with my goggles and gloves inside, as I got out of the car I put on my boots and we were off for another awesome weekend. We climbed the stairs talking to the lodge talking about Jack and how long we have tried to get rid of him. Then we purchased our tickets and strapped up our boots, we then headed to the snow slopes and hooked on our skis. Me with my new K2’s and my friend with his HEAD skis, we bulleted down the mountain toward the lift where we waited in line and took our first run.

By the time of twelve three and a half hours of skiing we headed back to the lodge and took off our skis and found a seat. That’s when I ordered a hot chocolate and a burger with steak fries. After eating I put my head down and took a short power nap, when I awoke, my friend said “Get up” I could tell he was angry like he had tried several times to wake me. So we headed back out and went up the lift the cool air felt good against my face, but I only knew it was cold but did not feel the cold air it was odd. So I took off my glove and grabbed the bar I felt nothing almost as if I was not there. But I was. So I then got off the lift and my friend said hey lets go explore the backcountry. So I agreed and we headed to the side of the path and headed down a steep pathway that was when I saw my friend fall off my line of site going over a hump in the hill so as I headed over it. I was just coming over it and he came into my line of site I saw him losing control of his left ski then it pooped off and he went flying over a jump! As I came near I realized it was a drop off I stood their in horror looking at my friend sitting there not moving below me so I went around to the right and made it down to him tears streaming down my face. I took off my skis and ran to him I then took his head and placed it in my lap. His legs were broken I could see his bone sticking out of his knee I then heard something so I turned back toward his face and I could see blood dripping out of his nose. So I took off my glove and touched it but it was not warm it was not cold just I could not feel it. That’s when I heard I he said “Get up” but I said “ No I will not leave you here.” That’s when he grabbed me and was shaking me and saying get up.

That’s when the darkness began to flood in and it got dark so I could not see anything then I heard it again. “Get up” so I lifted my head up from my arms and noticed I was back in the lodge. I then saw my friend sitting there angry at me that I would not get up.

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