Mother Nature

January 26, 2011
By TylerNickell33 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
TylerNickell33 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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An avalanche from the sky, everything around gets a white hews to it. The sky darkens and the world then gets quiet. A single delicate snowflake falls from the sky, totally unique, no other snowflake will ever have the same design. Then follows more and more unique flakes. Suddenly the distance is masked by a white wall of snow, falling with such determination to get to the ground. The trees start to grow a white outer shell as the snow grabs and holds on to the branches. Wind softly kicks up the newly fallen flakes and whisks them about in a magnificent dance. This soft wind then gets a new found force and a whistle, symphony of nature, starts to howl through the valley. The magnificent dance has turned into a fight with the still falling snow. This combination blinds you from anything and everything that surrounded you just seconds before. Single missiles of snow continually sting you face and send shivers throughout your body. The stinging of snow subsides as the wind moves on down the valley to attack its next victim. The peaceful falling snow arrives again but not for long. One by one the flakes tail the wind up the valley until one last flake, just as unique as the very first. Falls from the sky and finds its place on the ground.
Rays of sun pierce through the layers of thick clouds. Just one hundred yards away you can see the snow still falling like marshmallows from the sky. Looking so violent coming from the sky with such force but if you listen the only sounds you hear are your thoughts. Off in the distance mountains dodge in and out of view. The clouds fighting each other to get closer to the mountain. Jagged rocks and hard ground become soft pillows of white from the passing storm, such peaceful results from such a violence occurrence. The sun puts the spotlight on the snow and it shines like a star. Millions of diamonds for as far as you can see glisten off the untouched landscape. The icicles slowly melt of your coat as the sun warms and recharges your body. Slowly emerging, like bears after hibernation, people venture out from the warmth of their pleasant fires. Plowing the snow with their front doors things start to come to life again. The snow becomes a playground with the crunching of tiny feet stumbling through the knee powder. A deep thump concussions in your chest when an evergreen tree finally gives in to the snows weight and shakes the pressure off its branches. Wind from the dumped snow splashes your face with ice crystal reminding you of the storm that had just subsided. Such a short time ago that storm was, not but fifteen minutes has passed. From the surroundings though you could have never guessed it. The sunning is shining making everything around it do the same. Kids are out taking advantage of the newly cushioned ground to do some rougher than usual playing. Adults are sweeping in and out of the their cabins. Trying to find a happy medium between staying warm and enjoying the scenery.
Steam rises from the cups in the hands of the adults and mixes with the steady puffs of breath being released by everyone. This reminder makes you aware to the temperature out side. The diminishing of the clouds brought the temperature down like opening the door of a toasty cabin. The open sky was a highway for the frozen air above to once again fill the valley. The air makes its way into you jacket sending a chill down your spine. With that awaking you feel it is time to make you way back to your own humble abode. Lifting one foot in and out of the deep snow the short walk feels like a marathon. Dry, light, and cold it plumes into the air with each step. A definite trail of one foot shaped hole after the other leads right to front steps or you’re A-frame cabin. Both hands grasped to the doorknob you pull and plow open the door pushing at least half-a-foot of the white stuff out of the way. Your face thawed out by the awaiting fire in the hearth before you. You’re then thawed out on the inside by a warm cup of hot chocolate, marshmallows floating about in the cup. Looking out the window could be mistaken for looking at a painting. A painting of Mother Nature and all its wonders.

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