the Camping Trip

January 25, 2011
By phoebe_wilson BRONZE, Vallejo, California
phoebe_wilson BRONZE, Vallejo, California
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Every summer my parents take my two brothers and me on a two-week vacation. We always do something during the summer. When I was seven we went to Rome, Italy. When I was nine we went to Lake Tahoe and rented a cabin there and when I was ten we went to Hawaii and stayed at a really nice five star hotel. This year we are going camping. This year we are going camping. That's right, camping, for two weeks. I still think we should have gone to Hawaii. But no, we had to go camping, which is why I am stuck in a car sitting next to my little brother for the next three and a half hours. At least I get to play on my PSP, which I got for Christmas last year.

"Jake, are we there yet?" Blake my nine-year-old brother whined. "Oh yeah, we're there," I said sarcastically. "No really, how much longer?" Blake asked me. "If you keep being annoying it'll take a lot longer," I said as I started a new level on my game. He left me alone for a few minutes then he started tugging on my arm, "How much longer?" he asked. "A lot longer," I muttered under my breath. "I'm bored," he said as he pulled my arm. "Stop doing that and get used to it." He stopped but he rested his head on my arm and watched me play. I didn't mind at first but after a while his head started to get really heavy and I messed up more often. When the screen flashed Game Over, I lifted my arm and shook him off just to have him rest his head on my arm again. "Don't you have anything better to do?" I asked him as I changed games. He shook his head. "Look out the window, go to sleep, just do something other than annoying me." I said. I selected a new game and started playing. When he didn't take his head off my arm I said, "Why can't you bother Travis?"

Travis is our older brother who got the seat in front of us to himself. He's a fourteen and a freshman in high school. Right now he had his headphones on and was listening to some random band play. Blake didn't move. Just to annoy Travis I put my feet on top of the seat next to Travis' head. He responded by shoving my sneakers away.

My two brothers and me constantly annoy each other as much as we possibly can. At home we always pull pranks on each other but during our two-week vacation we call a temporary truce. We only annoy each other but Blake's practically made it his life's goal to get on my nerves. He's always whining and bugging me when I'm trying to do something.

Blake moved his head and I lost a life on my game. I nudged him in the side but he continued to move and I lost several more lives until I only had two lives left. Blake moved his head again and I paused my game. "Will you stop doing that?" I asked him. He looked up at me with his brown eyes. Him and I both have blond hair but Travis has brown hair like our mom. He and Travis have brown eyes while I have blue eyes. He gave me a pleading look that I see him use with mom when he gets in trouble. It might work on mom but it doesn't work on me.

I started a racing game on my PSP and was in third place about to pass a black car that was in second place but Blake jerked his head and I veered off the road. "Quit moving!" I said and started over. This time he moved while I was in the middle of the game and I lost. "Jeez Blake what is with you?" I asked him exasperated. He gave me one of his innocent looks and I rolled my eyes. I gave up and tossed my PSP on my backpack and rested my head on the seat.

Five minutes later I woke up. It was dark outside and it occurred to me that it had been longer than five or ten minutes. I looked outside and saw that there weren't any lights outside. We had passed the cities and the highways and were somewhere out in the country. I felt something wet on my arm and looked down. Blake was asleep with his head on my arm I lifted his head a little and saw that he was drooling. I used his shirt to wipe his spit off my arm and started playing on my PSP. I had been playing for about an hour when I noticed that it was almost out of power. I hooked it up to the car charger and when it was connected I noticed that Blake was up. He looked up at me and asked, "What time is it?" I shrugged. "How much longer?" he asked. I shrugged again. We were on the road for another half an hour and then we passed a wooden sign. Two minutes later there was another wooden sign and we turned onto a dirt road. Then we drove under another wooden sign that said Lakewood Campgrounds. Then my dad parked the car.

My parents and Travis unloaded our camping equipment while I carried my backpack. Travis and my mom pitched a tent while me and Blake helped my dad get everything else from the car. The first tent was up by the time we had unloaded the food,. "Travis, Jake, Blake, you can share this tent." I stared at my dad in disbelief. Sharing a tent with my two annoying brother was the worst. Only three words necessary, I hate camping.

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