Race Against Time

January 18, 2011
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Now or never. Neel has studied this bank a thousand times. He’s done all his homework it was truly now or never, and no one had a better shot to do it then Neel. Not Devin not Rodney not Reggie it was Neel’s time to shine. He knew it took the guards exactly one minute to bust open the basement safe doors once the alarm rang. He was ready to climb down the elevator shaft into the basement, which would certainly spring the alarm. All Neel could think was now or never.

It was time Neel slid down the elevator shaft and the clock started. He pulled out his heavy-duty screwdriver and his slick crowbar and got to work. The sound of the alarm and his heart beating mixed into this hindrance in his ear, which he soon got passed. 45 seconds left, he had just busted open the safe but; he heard guards feet pounding the floor as they ran down the stairs. His duffle bag opened and automatically his finger grabbed the money and threw it in. 30 seconds left, the duffle bag was half-full and then he found it. Inside the safe there was a pure blue diamond that would be worth a fortune and was the reason behind Neel’s illegal actions.

15 seconds left, the guards started to bust open the safe door. They did not have sufficient authority to get into the safe, so they started to break it down with their guns till the head guard came. Duffle bag full and diamond secure it was time to get out; he climbed right back up the elevator shaft, broke a window and was almost out. 5 seconds left, the main guard was downstairs and had unlocked the door they were coming in. 0 seconds left, just as the guards banged threw the door and looked up the elevator shaft Neel was no were to be found.

As Neel got outside of the window, he heard sirens of police cars also on the hunt to look for him. But just as the cops came his way a local boy ran threw the streets also holding a duffle bag. The cops took their attention off Neel and went to find this boy.

“Which way did he go?” said the angry officer
“That-a-way sir” Neel said calmly

And with that it was over, he had millions of dollars in his bag and the cops had just left him alone. Neel knowing he got away with this let out a childish laugh.

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