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January 26, 2011
By nate cohen SILVER, Park City, Utah
nate cohen SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I have had a lot of embarrassing moments in my life but this one ranks up pretty far up there. I was in preschool and every once in a while my dad would come to pick me up from school instead of my mom. I was pretty exited because my dad was not only picking me up we were riding home on our bikes, well actually he was riding and I was going to be sitting in a little hook on to the bike. anyway when school got out everyone rushed out into the halls as usual, but I went to where my mom picks me up which was outside in the front of the school. I waited out there for a while then went inside thinking my dad might be there. When I came in the doors there was only a couple of kids and their parents left, “this will make it easier to find dad” I thought. All of a sudden I saw him at the very end of the hall I rushed towards him and latched on to his leg, I was pretty frightened from being lost so I didn’t get off when he started tapping me on my shoulder, I didn’t let go, so finally he just lifted me off his leg and to eye level. Thats when I realized that I had been hugging a total strangers leg for around a minute. When he put me down I made a run for it and hid in a corner at the opposite side of the Hallway. At that time there was only one thing worse than hugging the strangers leg, and that was I still hadn’t fond my dad.

After sulking in the corner I walked outside to get get some fresh air, then I saw him right by the bike rack talking to another parent. How could he forget about me, and have a conversation with someone else. When I walked up to my dad he “oh there you are, I was starting to get worried” and just like that I forgave him, I mean what do you expect I was in preschool I not going to hold a grudge against my dad.

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