At the Store

January 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Here we go again. Another day. Walking briskly down the cement pathway to my car I made a mental list of what to get for dinner or maybe dessert. I had a fridge full of health food and needed something loaded with sugar. Turning the dial up on the radio I casually hummed along to the bubbly tune. Rows of palm trees passed by in a blur as I sped down the boulevard. Pulling up next to a parking meter I lazily dropped coins into the money slots and mad my way into the local grocery store. Heels clicking against the shiny linoleum I made a beeline for a display of cakes. My eyes settled on a chocolate cake dusted with powdered sugar. The slices of strawberries arranged to look like flowers on top made my mouth water. Reaching out to pick up the box my hand collided with someone else’s. Woken up from my daydream I glared at the person stopping me from buying this delicious masterpiece.

“Excuse me but I'm pretty sure I saw this first” The girl replied in a strict tone. I didn’t know if I should laugh or try to resolve our situation. “ Well cant you just pick another cake?” “No way, I haven’t had chocolate for 2 months and I am defiantly NOT picking anything else.” Good lord this chick was crazy, but Nick had told me that I needed to buy a chocolate cake for the party and this was the only one left. Maybe if I explained my situation she would listen to me and give up. “Listen I know this is probably you breaking pint from when you swore to give up on sweet but I have a party to get to and it would really help me out if you could let me buy this.” I watched as her eyes widened and she forcefully slammed her hand down on the cake box. “No you listen! First of all I cant believe you would assume that I am the type of person to go on a no sugar diet1 Second of all you try living with a crazy vegan who refuses to let you enter the house with anything containing sugar!” Oh s***. I didn’t mean to make her mad, well I guess I did assume she was on a diet but still. Suddenly an idea sprang into my head. “Well clearly neither one of us is leaving without this so how about I buy the cake and we can cut it in half outside?” Her eyebrows knotted together in confusion as she relaxed her aggressive pose. I shifted my weight, praying she would agree. Smiling she held out her hand. “Deal, I’ll see you outside in 5 minutes, just let me buy a plastic knife.”

I wasn’t the type of girl that wanted to share desserts

Normally I wasn’t the guy that would buy a stranger cake.

But this was different.

I sat down on the metal bench waiting for him to exit the store. The scent of lilacs and roses wafted through the air from a flower display across the street. Today was the perfect definition of a lazy Sunday, the type when people were only outside to have a good time and not to get somewhere. Sensing a presence next to me I saw the boy standing there, cake in had. “So how are we going to do this? There is only one box,” he asked. For some reason this had never occurred to me. “You know I think I may have paper plates in my car so don’t worry about it.” I had meant to take those out but now I was thankful for my messy behavior. As we walked down the road to my car I took I his appearance. Black supras, dark jeans, and a purple hoodie topped off with a grey beanie. Nice, a boy with some sense in how to dress. Spinning the clear plastic around in my fingers I eyed the cake making sure to cut a clean even line. Sliding the heavy slice onto the plate I saw out of the cornet of my eye to boy leaving. Its not that I expected to become friends or even know each other’s names. I guess it didn’t matter.

Knowing that an awkward “thanks for letting me have your cake” goodbye was coming so I just left. I did feel bad about it because I suppose I should have thanked her but there really was no need. Well, it didn’t matter.

It could have been fate.

The author's comments:
In spired by the song hollywood.

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