Unknown Sanctuary

January 27, 2011

Everyone has a place they go to forget about the world. I never knew how much my mind needed to relax until I went to the beach. It is at this tranquil place, where I find the simplicity of life to be most comforting. Nothing else matters, and my soul takes over.

When I smell the scent of salt dancing on my skin, nothing else seems to matter and my mind goes completely blank. The faint sound of waves crashing in the back of my thoughts enchants me. My stress, troubles, and pain from reality suddenly take flight from my head, soaring above the clouds and never return. The sun understands me, and warms my skin. I could sit here forever, watching the constant motion of the sea and forgetting myself for a moment. Even a moment can be beneficial to the mind. Though it is short, that moment can remedy the brain from any pain it is experiencing.

The blue water is so vast, it could swallow me up. Yet, the slight threat I feel from the ocean calms my nerves. A huge shield that normally conceals my true identity is taken down, and I breathe out. My shoulders relax, no longer suffering from the burden of reality. Bending down, I brush my fingers through the grainy sand. All my worries are sifted through my hands and blow across the beach into the water. These natural elements help me return to myself. It is easy for one to lose sight of oneself in the world, but when I come to the coast I recover from harsh reality. Invincibility pumps through my veins and air from my lungs lifts to greet the heavens.

The light summer breeze sweeps through my shirt in ripples, and the small bumps on my arms remind me of the approaching nightfall. One moment later, one breath later, one experience later, my brain is replenished with reality. The tranquility of the beach is interrupted and my mind returns to its former thoughts. But the simple moment that everything was forgotten was the moment I again found myself.

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