The Grand Slam Win

January 21, 2011
By Li.Ste BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
Li.Ste BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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This was the state championship. The game is at 0-0 and we’er heading into the tenth inning. The Titans are versing the A’s. The Titans are in the field and the A’s are up to bat. First batter was number 11. He’s hit eight hits and got striked-out three times. I, Peter Brian, was pitching. I threw a fastball, he missed.

“Strike one,” said the umpire.

Then I threw my fast, mad curveball that whizzed past before he could do anything.

The umpire yelled, “ Strike two.”

When the batter was ready, our coach called out “slow”, which is a really slow pitch that any one can hit. I rounded up and pitched the slow pitch. Amazingly when the pitch leafed my hand, it started to curve a little. The batter knows this pitch, but he missed it completely because of the curve.

“Strike three and your out.” yelled the umpire, and the crowd of parents cheered.

The next two batter was stiked out by my fast curveballs and we were up to bat.

Our teams first batter was our center fielder, Jose Gasmonose. The pitcher threw a easy fastball and Jose hits a grounder that got to first. Up next was our center fielder, Larry Gotcher. The pitcher threw a circle change-up, Gotcher missed it by an inch. The pitcher then threw the same pitch, this time Gotcher hit an weak grounder. Gasmonose got to second base and Gotcher got to first. Next was our shortspot, Will Deball. Deball crushed it to center field. The other teams center fielder was a late, so the ball fell in front of him. By the time he picked it up, the bases were loaded. Now I an up to bat, the pitcher threw a fast ball that missed that got my first strike. I was in my ready stance again. The pitcher threw a fast ball again, but this time it was where I like it. I got full wood on it. The ball sailed high in the air and disappeared over the fence. At first the crowd was dead silent like a quiet night. Then the crowd went berserk.


After I ran around the base, my whole team mobbed me and congratulated me then they carried my to our club house.

The next day was both good and bad.

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