Left, Right, and Wrong

January 25, 2011
ARNIE: Which one?
ARNIE: (agreeing) Right.
BERNARD: No, I said left.
ARNIE: Of course.
BERNARD: (agreeing) Right.
ARNIE: No, you said left.
BERNARD: I did say left.
ARNIE: But you said right.
BERNARD: I said left.
ARNIE: Fine.
BERNARD: So…left.
ARNIE: I did left.
BERNARD: My other left.
ARNIE: What other left? You don’t have another left.
BERNARD: Yes, I do. There’s my left and my other left.
ARNIE: That’s your right.
BERNARD: But my right is your left, so it’s my other left.
ARNIE: (agreeing) Right.
ARNIE: What’s wrong?
BERNARD: I said left, not right.
ARNIE: But that can’t be right.
BERNARD: Of course it is. My right is your left.
ARNIE: (agreeing) Right.
ARNIE: No, it’s not wrong! You directly said your right is my left.
BERNARD: But wouldn’t your left be my right?
ARNIE: It’s the same thing.
BERNARD: No, that can’t be right.
ARNIE: I thought you said left!
BERNARD: My other left!
ARNIE: (agreeing) Right!
BERNARD: Wrong!!
ARNIE: (to himself) He left!

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datrumpeter said...
Jan. 30, 2011 at 6:35 pm
a clever play on words. good job!
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