January 25, 2011
By arizonacutie1221 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
arizonacutie1221 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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Dear diary,
Tomorrow is December 21, 2012. The day that we are all supposed to die. I am so scared that I will lose my life. There have been a ton of news stories of why we should believe this and why we should believe that. The only reason this is happening is because it is the end of both the Mayan and the Aztec Calendar. People predicted that the world would end a bunch of times, but this one seems a lot more real. Like they predicated 1980 something, 2000, and now this. To be honest I don’t think it will happen but you just never know. Si I am going to tell you all the stuff I wanted to do before I dies, which has now proved too impossible.
Get married and have a family
Graduate high school with an amazing boyfriend and on honors roll
Go to The University of Santa Barbra
Go to Harvard for law school
Become an amazing lawyer
See the Eiffel tower
See the Great pyramids
See Rome in General
Surf in Australia
Eat Chinese for in china
Eat pizza and pasta in Italy
Visit and do stuff in a bunch of random places
Watch all of those movies in that big book of Movies you must watch before you die
Throw a huge party
Go to the Olympics to watch
Send a message in a bottle
Learn to speak Ukrainian, just because
Be an extra on a movie
Kiss a complete random person
And learn to love myself for who I am
There is so much more I wanted to do in my life and I am only a sophomore in high school. There are so many things I haven’t done, experienced or discovered. And now I am going to die. So goodbye diary and goodbye earth. It has been a short ride, but a good one.

Dear Diary,

It is December 22, 2012 and I am not dead. It turns out the whole thing was just stupid. So now I am going to work on that list.
You know who

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on Jun. 11 2011 at 8:32 pm
Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
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I like it.  Especially the end, number 20. It's a cute story, sorta.  I don't believe the world will end, but who knows.  Actually, no one does.

on Jan. 30 2011 at 6:35 pm
Jakethesnake SILVER, Hernando, Mississippi
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Seems most of the things like this lack a plot, like you said. It's getting on my nerves. But hey, I didn't know the aztec calender was ending as well. But you do have to realize that it was centuries ago, and even Eurepean (yes, I just forgot how to spell that) were inaccurate at best. So the aztecs must have really had problems, even though some people say that aliens helped 'em out.

on Jan. 28 2011 at 5:27 pm
M.S.Canyon GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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Interesting, not sure if it's an actual list or not and I'm sure there's more meaning behind what you've try to say here.

Besides the few grammical errors such as unneeded S's and the like. What you could do is an entire diary of every day leading up to December 21st and have December 22nd be the last page. Something to that extent would give the story much more meaning.

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