Bill and Jim

January 24, 2011
By GeoffG BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
GeoffG BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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An irritable buzzing sound woke Bill from his slumber. As his eyelids unveiled themselves, Bill looked up to the grey and dull ceiling. He slowly arose from the bed and gave a slight tap to his alarm telling it to mind it’s own business. He dragged his feet reluctantly to the bathroom. Through the mirror he saw his roommate Jim. Bill despised Jim passionately. Seeing Jim’s face in the mirror made Bill want to take his fist and crack the mirror in a thousand little pieces. He could see Jim’s brown short hair. His dull green eyes. His dull complexion.

Bill washed his face and saved his anger for another time. As he walked into the dining room he noticed Jim’s belongings were gone and the house was silent. Jim had left again without notifying Bill at all. They had worked together and still Jim decided to leave on his own! Thought Bill extremely displeased. Even if the sight of Jim made Bill angered, it would be thoughtful if Jim could throw him a bone every now and again.

Trees flied by as Jim drove his car down the empty roads. He had the radio on, hoping he could drown out his thoughts. Hoping he would forget how dull and displeasing llife. Shouldn’t life be good right now? All was simple, life never threw a curve at him. Yet he felt that this wasn’t life. That he was lying to himself that all was well. An unknown void that Jim wanted to be ignorant from.

Bill leaned against the wall of his cubicle. He watched intently towards Jim. Jim had his arm around a water cooler and laughing mindlessly with his other coworkers. He wasn’t even contributing to the humor dispersed among them. He just stood there soaking it all in. Jim had nothing to offer. Nothing to say. He was empty, that’s why Bill hated him.

Bill walked into the living room to find Jim sitting in front of a blank television. His eyes were glazed over and he only moved to breathe and blink. The living room was very small and contained a blue couch, a coffee table and a television. There were two large windows opposite Bill that let in a natural light.

Bill started to become sick of it. Sick of Jim doing absolutely nothing with his life. Sick of Jim not making any impression or foot prints on the ground he walked. Bill never exchanged words with Jim, he always just glared at him. Bill walked up to the coffee table and squatted down exactly opposite Jim. He was level with those dull green eyes. Jim didn’t even flinch a little. His eyes were glazed over and his thoughts were absent from his head.

“This is it,” started Bill, “this is what you’ve done with your life, absolutely nothing. You’ve had no influence on your coworkers or your boss. You literally have no friends, you never see anybody during the weekends. Your relatives and parents are completely out of touch. Don’t you even try, to tell me you too are upset about this, because that is a lie. You have made no effort to create a life. No effort to create any bonds between you and anyone in this world. All you do every day of your sad excuse for a life is mope! If you were to jump out of this ten story apartment right now, no one would ever notice that you were gone! Do you even comprehend that your life is so insignificant that for it to be taken away would mean less the then death of a fly!” Bill exclaimed. Jim was still, his eyes blinked.

The next day Jim wasn’t at work. He wasn’t there the next week either. Not even the next month. Jim never showed up. No one noticed, no one cared. As for Bill, he hadn’t shown up either. He wasn’t at work ever again. Yet to tell you the truth, he just wasn’t, ever.


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