The one who won't leave

January 24, 2011
By Anonymous

He stays but never says a word. Looks over every minute trying to see something new. First look, blue eyes, Second look, brown hair. His face looks as if it could take the world in one look. His skin sun kissed with a little sprinkle of freckles on his cheeks. the hole curved around his mouth gives him the cuteness of a puppy. Style, not to dorky. 30 minutes pass still waiting. on what? somebody, a taxi, Christmas? He looked confused minutes passed nothing, no one, was he lost? Finally, 2 hours left and ran off faster than a tortoise crossing the road. He finally got the strenght to stand up and take a step in my direction. My heart droped as if i was trying to make a good example or something. He started walking towards me and the only words that came out was "hey, sorry, do you have a pen?" WHAT!! That was it. All i could say was "i don't know" days later i saw him in the same place at the same time and he is known as the only one who won't leave

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