In Her Arms Again

January 24, 2011
By halo3queen BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
halo3queen BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
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Jana watched the tears well up in her ten-year old little sister’s bright, bold, blue eyes; so big, so full of sorrow. Jana’s heart broke as the tears began to cascade down Abby’s flushed cheeks.

“Come here, squirt,” Jana attempted to say happily. “I need a big ‘ole hug before I go.”

Abby nodded sadly and wrapped her arms around Jana’s waist. Jana pressed Abby’s head to her stomach as her sister clutched her tightly. Tears welled up in Jana’s eyes as well, but she held them back attempting to be strong as she always was. Inside, she wished to cry and beg to stay, but she knew it would have to wait till she left on the plane.
Everytime she visited her family, it filled her with joy, but everytime she left, it broke her heart. She missed them constantly when she was away. Her thoughts always drifted back to them in that crumbling heap of a house on Greyhawk Boulevard; playing board games with her little brother (even though he tried to cheat), McDonald’s runs with her grandfather (even though he tended to fall asleep at the wheel), and being toted around by her grandma at church (even though her friends already knew Jana was arriving). All these memories made her smile, but even more than these ones, Jana thought off the joyful times she had with her little sister; fixing her hair for Sunday School (though it never stayed fixed), helping her pick out outfits (that her parents would never let her wear), and letting her sister just sit in the room while Jana worked on her stories. Jana laughed at how much fun they had, but cried when she realized how much she missed those times. She adored her school life, her boyfriend, and her friends, but she ached to be with her family as well.

Jana crouched down on her knees and looked her little sister in the eyes.

“I love you, Abby,” she said to her tearful sister.

“I love you too, Sissy,” she replied, choking on tears, “I’ll miss you.”

Jana hugged Abby again. “I’ll miss you too sweetie. Be good.”

With one last goodbye to her family, Jana turned around and headed onto the plane…

6 months later…

Jana unbuckled quickly once the seatbelt sign was turned off. She grabbed her bags and waited for the people in front of her to exit the plane.

Come on, come on, Jana thought impatiently.

Finally, the way was clear. Jana bounded up the pathway to the inside of the airport. Walking quickly, she headed to baggage claim. Her eyes remained alert for her family, jerking everywhere to see them. She moved past the slow people in front of her and hurried along. After a long walk, she made it to baggage claim, but couldn’t find her family.

Where are they? Jana asked herself.

And then she saw them

“Sissy!” her little sister screamed as she saw Jana.
Abby barreled towards her with lightening speed and threw herself in Jana’s arms. A huge smile was plastered across her face and her cheeks were flushed with excitement. Jana squeezed her sister tightly and cherished the moment.

“I missed you, Jana,” her sister whispered in her ear.

Jana smiled. “I missed you too sweetie…”

The author's comments:
I live away from my family, and it especially hurts when it comes to my little sister. I love her dearly, and it seems every time I see her again, she's matured and grown into an even more wonderful human being. Being away from her is hard, but those moments that I do get with her make it all worth it.

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