Cats And Windows Don't Mix

January 23, 2011
Snowflakes drift slowly from the heavens, twirling in the brisk January air. They land daintily on the snow-laden backyard and settle steadily in the frigid banks, as their sister dandelion seeds do in summertime.

I am warm and safe in the house, but I can catch these pesky snowflakes. Don't you tell me I am not big enough, because I am! I am sovereign over all I see and I can certainly catch a simple form of precipitation. I'll just reach and reach-but hey! There seems to be some invisible force shield blocking me. Perhaps if I try to shred this barrier, banish it to the abysmal realms of the unknown...

"Midnight!" I hear a reproachful cry from behind. I stop and hang my head in shame, cooing words of apology.

For my penitence, I am awarded with a delicious delicacy, which I devour with pride. As I chew, I analyze this crafty device used against me, racking my brains for a weakness in this obstruction.

As my eyes roam the unseen obstacle, they widen in surprise. There is some sort of creature in front of me!

It has sleek fur, the colour of soot, and mischievous amber eyes. Wispy whiskers and little ears adorn its curious face. Slender legs, ending in little paws stand perfectly still and a long, waving tail is held perpendicular to its little body.

"What are you?" I call, just as the creature begins to speak.

Out of courtesy, I pause to let the creature continue. It is silent. Perhaps it has fallen asleep.

I poke the creature's shoulder blades, but it has raised its paw to attempt to poke me as well. How rude! I launched myself at the creature, but I am impeached by some imperceptible barricade once again.

"Help!" I leap up and down while I yell. "Somebody help me get this creature!"

A voice appears from behind and I feel a warm hand on my back. "Silly Midnight!" I turn around to face my favourite pet.

"Hello pet!" I cry, massaging my head affectionately against her hand.

Her fingers caress my ears, my secret weakness! I murmur my thanks and turn back towards the creature, which is rubbing against the hand of my pet.

How dare this creature fraternize with my pet! I arch my back menacingly, while the creature returns the gesture likewise.

My pet chuckles and reaches behind her back. The rat I captured earlier is between her fingers, swaying slightly. The untouchable creature is forgotten.

"Not you again, rat!" I bat the rodent, watching it sway pitifully.

My pet drops the rat and departs to the room containing the odd contraption with a mouse that I cannot play with. I clamp the rat between my teeth and carry the plush food towards my hiding spot, so that creature can't steal it once my back is turned.

As I bat the rat under the cabinet for later meals, I notice that creature staring at me once again. My pet is not around, so it looks as if it will be another solitary battle with the unseen.

And this time, that creature won't be so lucky...

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