In The Jungle....

January 22, 2011
By Ravenclaw34 SILVER, Park City, Utah
Ravenclaw34 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Jack Ginsberg was focused.He had a mission. He was going to kill Billy. He was in the middle of the jungle with tall trees in all shapes spiraling out of the ground, reaching toward the sky. Loud gunfire spat out of the the jungle with vermillion rage, from an unseen enemy as invisible as the coming of night to a person who is already asleep. Normally, the jungle was filled with sounds of life from the chirping of birds to the slither of a lizard. Today, all was silent except for the gunfire, He was fighting Billy a vicious warlord that Jack hated. He wanted to , to see his sneering grin and his fat chubby fingers, to hear arrogant laugh. To Jack ,Billy and his army of laughing minions was the epitome of evil.

“Hey, so leader like we gonna go or not go get that evil gy or not?” That was Moe ,a rough and brutal solider with tattoos covering his muscular arms and a gun strapped to his back.

Jack answered back with his authoritative tone, “Yessir, but we are gonna be patient,” Moe gave a crisp nod.

Moe would have little use of the gun however as the bullet that struck his head right after he spoke killed him., Moe was dead. Jack was all alone against a laughing enemy. It had been a two man mission turned into one man against all.

That was when he heard , “Give up now Jack the fairy .”
It was the nefarious nasally voice that made Jack angry. Jack wanted to kill Billy and his whole army of people So Jack yelled as loud as he could, “NO I WANT TO KILL YOU. YOU MAKE MY LIFE HORRIBLE AND YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!!” So Jack ran forward feeling the bullets rip through his body as he yelled “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH DIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!” He fell soundlessly on the jungle floor.

Jack rolled over pushing his sandy blond hair out of his eyes and reaching over to put glasses on his thin face. He had the best dream ever. Now it was time to face the sad, reality of his life. He stood up and got dressed putting on his plaid shirt and putting his extra pens in his pocket. You never knew when you had a pen emergency. He picked from 14 sets of plain brown cargo pants all the same shade of brown. He made sure his glasses were adjusted as he walked out of his room.

“Hey Jack, doyawant pancakes?” Asked Moe his annoying elder brother who thought he knew everything and actually knew surprisingly little. Jack answered slowly, not looking Moe in the eye.
“No i’m gonna eat at sccchool,” said Jack stammering over the word school.He wasn’t going to eat however he never felt hungry anymore. With slow feet Jack walked out the door barley holding back tears. They started in on him when he took a seat on the bus, by the driver like that did anything to prevent the spitballs that would soon come raining down on him.

The bus driver greeted him with a “Hello Jack.” It was then he felt the first spitball hit the back of his head and soon it was followed by a numerous amount all aimed at him. Jack buried his head in a book hoping to stop the barrage of spitballs. Showing a reaction would only mean more spitballs. The book couldn’t block out the deafening silence from the other kids; sure others watched laughing loudly. It was the other kids, the ones who were frowning and looking away. As Jack heard their silence, his eyes filled up with tears and he sprinted off the bus heading to wash off the spitballs in the restroom but they were waiting for him by the boys bathroom. Billy was the leader, a fat chubby guy who was most likely jealous of Jack’s natural skinniness. Billy normally wore these weird plaid coats over black jeans that went well with his greasy black hair and soulless black eyes. He was an entertainer and his favorite thing to do was to torture Jack. Everyone obeyed Billy, fearful for what he would do to them. Billy held the school in his evil chubby fist. It was Monday.Billy was in a bad mood.The boy’s bathroom was awful, with toilets that were always backed up and lights that flickered like a horror movie and never any toilet paper.

Billy laughed, “Oh shut up you fairy we know you like it.”
Billy had an impressive vocabulary, filled with all sorts of unmentionables things he learned from his loving parents. Billy then took hold of Jack’s hair and shoved his head including glasses into the toilet,while one of the many laughing boys flushed. Billy and his minions laughter drowned out Jack’s screams.

After the boys left , Jack curled up into a ball knowing that no on else would come in out of fear of Billy. He hated himself so much, why was he so different? Why couldn’t he just be normal? This daily routine had been going on for a while and Jack had reached his breaking point. He sat there, his head between his knees. He couldn’t do it; he couldn’t go on like this, alone and friendless. He wanted a real living not imaginary friend and a place where he belonged.

When Jack opened his eyes,he was back in the jungle, it was nighttime and the stars were out. The birds were chirping and there was no more machine gun fire it was beautiful.

The author's comments:
I'm not bullied but this is a really big problem today.

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