Life as I know It... Chapter 1

January 21, 2011
My mind was filled with glorious bliss, wonder, imagination. My thoughts ventured to farther places, much beyond the confinement of my own brain. I wrote my thoughts down in this little section of my notebook. This reserved area was full of drawings, stories, and doodles of things. This was the place I was most content in. My own imaginary world, I controlled every last bit of it. I wish my own land could be real. If only...

The bell rang, snapping myself back into reality. I groggily grabbed my books and stomped to the next class. Each day was the same, nothing ever changed. Nothing ever changed because, well, nothing ever had to.

As my fellow students and I walked across the hall, I made a quick stop at my locker. Quickly exchanging books, I found a note. In befuddlement, I read the note to myself quickly.

Dear Jenna,
Please disregard my last remarks yesterday.

Ugh, Zach, I thought to myself. He was just trying to say sorry for what happened the other day.... As if!
As I tossed random books into my locker and closed it, I was bombarded by my friend Amy. I had no time to talk to her about my concerns, but being a good friend, I walked with her.
"Hey Jenna!"
"Uh hi Amy."
"Whats new?"
"Same S***."
"Oh well, in that case I won't bother you."
"No, no really, it's okay."
"Oh, okay! Well what happened with you and Zach?"
"Ugh! He's such a B****."
"Yeah IKR!"
"Uhh, yeah I guess."
"Better get going."
"Okay Bye Amy."
"Bye Jenna!!!"
That's how our conversations always went. These daily 'talks' were nothing special, but I knew if I ignored Amy, she'd get all b****y. That's one other problem I didn't need in my life. As I scrambled down the hall, Peers and unfamiliar faces passed me while I heard my name over the intercom. As I walked to the office to see what they wanted.

The last time they called me down was when they had to tell me my mom had died.

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Jesse-Marie- said...
Sept. 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm
GUYS! I'm sorry that chapter 1 doesn't match the rest of the story. I meant to put her DAD* died, not her mom.
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