a day at the beach

January 20, 2011
By , Nahant, MA
The concrete pathway lined with newly grown beach grass and large rocks great for hiding. I take a step onto the sand as soft as silk and see a plethora of vibrant umbrellas and towels lying on the ground. I walk down on the sand that had been dampened by the high tide and find a place to set up camp. I put down my chair and set the rest of my belongings within reach. I place my cell phone in the cup holder for easy access and put my bright pink sunglasses on my face. I plug my headphones in my ears and sit facing the majestic ocean that day after day takes my breath away. I just stare blankly at my surroundings and examine the different people who have, like me, decided to spend their day at the beach. I see people wading in the constantly ice cold water and see kids playing in the waves that you’d hope would be as tall as trees but are sadly no bigger than tree stumps. I keep on glancing up at the ramp waiting for Becca to finally stroll onto the beach. Becca has never been too good with time management so her showing up twenty minutes late is a normal occurrence. Finally she plods onto the beach with a scowl on her face and watery eyes. She throws her stuff on the ground and then collapses into her striped beach chair. I wait a few seconds and then I ask her what’s wrong. I figured it was boy trouble or her little brother broke her favorite bracelet but was she was about to say had never even entered my mind. It was a best friend’s worst nightmare; Becca told me she was moving. Moving! I exclaimed. I immediately started asking questions like where, when, why and how. She explained that she was moving to Marblehead and by the end of the summer. I couldn’t believe it, I attend Swampscott High School and Marblehead is our biggest rival. It’s like a miniature version of the Red Sox, Yankees rivalry just maybe not as intense. I have an unexplainable hatred toward every Marblehead resident. They never have done anything bad to me but I just really don’t like them. So when Becca told me she was moving and to of all places Marblehead I was heartbroken. We would probably still keep in touch considering she would only be one town over but I knew it wouldn’t be the same. We would attend different schools and I knew Becca with her extraordinarily vibrant personality would quickly make new friends. We were both quiet for a few seconds but then an idea popped into my head. I told her that we should spend the rest of the day together doing our favorite things, and luckily we were already half way there because we were at our favorite place in the world, Short Beach. We decided to start off working on our tan and then when we got to hot we raced down the beach and submerged ourselves in the very refreshing water. Becca and I are both ocean lovers. No matter how cold the water gets we stay in for hours and never tire. We swam out to my Dad’s friend’s boat. He helped us climb aboard and then let us jump off. We had so much fun as we laughed and screamed together and completely ignored the fact that Becca would soon be moving. The growl in our stomachs told us that it was time to take our final jump and swim back to shore and get some lunch. We thanked my dad’s friend and then we were on our way. We made it back to our stuff and then went to Captains our favorite and basically the only sub-shop in Nahant. We ordered our pizza and french-fries and then decided to take them back to the beach and eat there. I wasn’t our brightest idea considering we had seagulls circling us until the last fry had been chewed. Then we talked for hours. We talked about everything, life, school, sports, summer and pretty much every topic we could think of. It was finally four a clock and that’s the best time of the day to be at the beach. People are leaving so it’s less crowded and much more peaceful. My parents came down with a bunch of our close friends and we decided to have a “Friday night beach party” basically just little cookouts on the beach that we have been having since I was three. Everyone brings food and then we gather around a bond fire, roast marshmallows and make s’ mores. Its so much fun being around the people you love just talking and eating and having a good time. Sadly it got late and we had to go, but me and Becca convinced our parents to let us have a sleepover, but ironically at this sleepover we did no sleeping. We watched a move, talked, and enjoyed each other’s company. Sadly in the morning we returned to reality and me and Becca realized that when she moved away our paths would cross once and a while but would no longer be intertwined. We realized that we would grow apart but we promised each other that we’d always spend a day together at our favorite place in the world, Short Beach.

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