January 20, 2011
By Anonymous

The terror, anger, and fear in Cole’s eyes could be seen from a mile away, not to mention his beet red face
“You’ve got to’ relax, man.” Travis said
“No.” He didn’t know what to say, think, or for the fact, do.

“Getting angry won’t accomplish anything.” Travis tried to reason with him, but he mind as well be talking to a brick wall.

“We’ll see about that.” Cole said with a blank look on his face, starring into nothingness as if he knew exactly how this conversation would go, before it even started.

“Cole, you got to think bout this, is it worth getting this p***ed off about it?” All of a sudden, Cole’s eyes snapped into focus, and zoomed in on Travis.

“And what exactly would you do?” Travis just looked at him, almost in shock that his best friend was taking his anger out on him. His eyes began to shuffle around, dancing around the question. “Well?” Travis’ eyes continued bouncing around as if the right answer was going to appear on the wall. “Yea, that’s what I thought.” Cole said as he bitterly grabbed his backpack and walked away with an angry, disgusted look on his face.
“I don’t know what to do” Travis said thinking out loud. “When he gets like this, he looses all control. That’s how he got in trouble in the first place.” As if exhausted Travis let out a big sigh.
Cole passed Luke’s table, looking straight with a dead stare. He knew if he even glanced at Luke, the temptation to yell, or even pop him in the face might be too much to bear. So he continued walking, out of the corner of his eye he could see Luke staring at him, first in a cowardly look, then switched to a grin. He thought he had won, he thought if anything were to happen to him it would be today at lunch. In the back of his mind, though, he was still scared of Cole, he knew how p***ed Cole was, and he knows his problems with anger that came out earlier this semester. Cole continued out of the lunchroom when he was startled by a very happy, enthusiastic, voice.
“Cole! My goodness, I haven’t seen you in forever. How is it going? I missed you!” Becky just got back from a two weeklong break; she has no idea what is happening.
“Yea, I’m great, but I have to run. Sorry.”
“Cole? What’s wrong?”
“I have to go.” Cole said looking in her eyes. She got upset that he wasn’t happy to see her. So she stormed off into the lunchroom. So Cole continued to go to the library. He wanted to be alone with his thoughts, un interrupted. Arriving at the library, he got chills up his back. It’s the only place in the school that’s well air-conditioned. He got chills up his back after being blasted with cold air. He pulled his sweatshirt out of his backpack and sat down at the table furthest from everyone else and pulled this month’s “Motor Trend” Magazine off the shelf and started to read about the new Mustang. Until his peace was abruptly interrupted.
“Dude man, what are you going to do? His friend Alex, always wanting to help out, but sometimes is over the top.
“I don’t know.”
“Well are you going to kick his a**? Or what?”
Turning around, Cole looks directly at Alex, and looks him in the eyes. “I said I don’t know, and if you don’t get the f*** out of my face, I’ll kick yours. Understood?”
Alex backed off immediately “Sorry man.”
“Yea, what ever.”

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Flash Fiction piece

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