Keeping Secrets

January 17, 2011
By fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Jared Walsh, a 23 year old guy was caught yesterday for committing a felony. He killed 21 year old Steve Marshall. He was walking home from a party, when a group of guys came up to him and threw rampant punches at him. They pinned him to the ground and asked him questions about why he was talking to Steve Marshall’s girlfriend at the party. He was started to feel under duress that he gave up and started talking. He told them she saw that I was sitting by myself and wanted to come over and keep me company. She said she was furious her boyfriend wasn’t here. She told Jared about her boyfriend and clandestine secrets between her and her boyfriend. That was when Steve walked in and saw them talking.

Steve, the boyfriend and also the head of the gang, wanted to know what things his girlfriend was saying about him. Steve told Jared that if he followed the admonishments, he would let Jared go. Jared wouldn’t concur to this. Jared said when someone asks him to keep a secret, he keeps a secret. Jared was inexorable to telling Scott what his girlfriend said. Scott, lacking ethics, started throwing rampant punches at Jared. It finally got to Jared, and he got up and started fighting back. Jared started hitting hard that when he threw his last punch into Scott’s chest—it sent Scott limp on the ground. The rest of the gang got scared and ran away. This act was a flagrant miscarriage of justice.

I find this as an inane crime. My question to you, Milwaukee: do you find Jared as a culprit or do you find him innocent? If innocent, come and defend him in court on October 23rd.

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