To my unborn child Farrah

January 21, 2011
Hi my name is Farrah and i’m Ali’s unborn child. From what I have heard she was pretty awesome at school. So, i’m going to tell you most of her life story.

According to her birth certificate her name is Allison Sandra Cabrera and she was born on April 18, 1998. She often tells me story of her childhood. Most of them are some pretty funny ones. But one of my favorites was the first day she started pre school.

My mom went to pre school in Manchester. It’s not normal that a middle aged woman remembers her first day of pre school. But, it must have been a memorable day because she can tell it as though it was yesterday.

Ali walked through the door holding my grandmothers hand. Her dark bouncy curls flipped through the air as she skipped through the door. My grandmother had said hello to the teacher and had to leave to go to work. Ali was super excited so she gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran off the other kids in the play area. She studied them all for they were playing with some kind of gooey material. All of the kids wanted to be her friend. Everybody loved being around her, and it seems as though that was how it was going to be for the rest of her life.

The next major thing in her life was the birth of my uncle Vinny. He was born when she was four so there wasn’t a huge age gap. On March 12, 2002 Vincent Jose Cabrera was born. Though they look nothing alike their childhood was great due to the fact that they were super close!

Fast as lightening Sixth grade arrived and my mom was starting middle school. Apparently she had a lot of friends but as they all moved up to middle school they all kind of drifted apart. She still had a few friends, but she didn’t enjoy that school year at all. Though she did good at sports and got good grades she just wasn’t happy.

When she moved from Wyandotte to Dexter her life greatly changed. When she started Mill Creek and 7th grade she had many many friends. Life was was awesome for her. She got all A’s and often entertained her friends with her obnoxious sarcasm. From then on she did a good job at school and worked her way to success.

Now she’s living her life with me as her only child. She does well for her self, being a cardiologist. We are super close and play basketball and volleyball with each other. We live in a suburb of New York City in a big white house with a red door. Life is great for us, and i’m so glad she’s my mom!

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