To my granddaughter

January 21, 2011
Dear Cecilliana,

Life in the 21 century must be different than how it is for you now. I know thinking of when my grandparents were teenagers is near impossible. But, just know that i was once a teenager. I had a ton of friends, I got all A’s, did great in sports, and had high hopes for my future. As a kid i wasn’t always normal but I sure made things interesting. I was known as the class clown kind of. Everyone called me Cabrera. Now when I was in middle and high school there was a famous baseball player with my last name on the Detroit Tigers. He was also of a spanish decent and everyone constantly asked me if I was related.To be honest I actually said yes sometimes, but the truth was no.

Your grandma was who everyone wanted to be friends with. I had many of friends as I have already said. My best friends were probably Sofia Sokansanj(guess how long it took me to learn how to spell that last name?)Caroline Darr, and Ryann Scherdt. We were quite a group of girls. Our lunches along with many other of my good frineds were filled with many inside jokes and laughters. Seventh grade without them would be unimaginable.

Bach then everyone had computers and went to a website called Facebook. I had one myself and it was super popular . We all also had cell phone and would constantly text each other. Another popular thing was i-pod touches and I-pads.

I played basketball and volleyball when i was in middle and high school. I was great at both of them. I was one of the best players on the team. They were my passion along with school. In school I did exceptionally well by getting straight A’s.I had no problem keeping up with what was going on and to be honest i loved going to school.

When I was in middle school my favorite singer was Eminem. You guys will probably think of i’m like how we think of elvis. I , along with all of my friends, loved his songs. Some of the other popular singers bak then are Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Usher, and Taylor Swift.

Along with many others I had some serious hopes and dreams. My goal in life was to get straight A’s. Go to the university of michigan for college, graduate a year early, and go to John Hopkins for medical school. My goal in life was to be a Cardiologist. In case if you don’t know a cardiologist is a heart surgeon. Back then one of the main thing I was focused on was getting all A’s and excelling in sports, because I wanted a full ride to college and medical school. I swore to myself that I would do the best I can to be the best I can in life. I hope you are doing the same.

Now you are obviously my un-born grandchild but I hope that you will eventually have the same dreams as I once did. I want you to be able to try your hardest and have super high goals that maybe you wont be able to fulfill. But, that would be okay because you would be doing the best you could do. As long as you do that, nothing else matters. All I want from you is to enjoy life and decide whether your going to take the road less traveled upon.

With love,

Grandma Ali

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