January 21, 2011

The snapshots go through my mind. That event that changed my life forever, that keeps me up at night with nightmares. That horrible wreck that I don’t go a day without thinking. It’s an event no seven year old child should ever encounter before their eyes. March 7th, the day my mind took over my body. Forever.

It was any other ordinary day. I was playing outside my house playing with my toys. My mother was in the computer room, my baby brother was asleep, and my father was at work. It was such a beautiful day. Sunny, blue skies. The birds were singing and the butterflies were beautifully flying. There was a slight breeze that made my long blonde hair gently flow. Suddenly I hear a huge crash. I look up to see two cars wrecked on the road. The first of many snapshots my mind took.

I stood there not knowing what to do. I hear my mother crying on the doorstep, screaming in fear. Another snapshot. She runs inside to call 911. That’s the last time I see my mother during this horrible event.

I gently start walking over to the scene. My mind has completely taken over. I try to stop but I don’t have the strength to. I get to the scene. Another snapshot. I look into the first car I see two adults in the front seats and two children in the backseats. I imagine they are a family. I take a good look at the parents. They are unconscious, blood running from their heads from them hitting them on the dash. Another snapshot. I open the door, clueless of what I’m doing. I grab the husbands wrist he has a pulse. He is still alive. I reach over to him to get to his wife her pulse is fine too. I look back at the children, the most horrible sight I have ever seen.

The children were covered in there own blood, one looked about 1 year old and the other about 6 years old. Their bodies both all in different directions. Cuts gushing blood. Another snapshot. I grab their wrists both no pulse. They are dead.

Now the sky darkens and it starts to pour the rain. The beautiful sounds of the birds disappear. I go to the next car. I see two teenage kids. The girl in the passenger seat, the boy in the driver seat. They look about seventeen. I open the door to get a better view. My body has no control now. The girls legs are both broken, the boys neck is snapped. I look over the girl to find her and the boy holding hands. He was her partner. I step down out of the car, I start walking away when the girl wakes up. She screams in pain. I walk over, I try to calm her down. She looks over at her mate, she softly whispers, “David?” He doesn’t respond. She repeats herself a little louder this time, “David?” Again he doesn’t respond. Suddenly she bursts out screaming his name and she starts crying her eyes out. Another snapshot. I notice the diamond ring on her finger, she was engaged. Suddenly I hear the Ambulance arriving.

I watch as they run to the scene, not knowing what to expect. They go the girl first, they gently take her out of the car, she screams in pain and I see the blood staining the once white sheets. Another snapshot. They look at her mate then go to the next car. They start to cut the car up to remove the parents from the scene. They both are carried out on stretchers, clueless of their children’s deaths. Another snapshot. I watch as the take out the children and the Fiancé out of the cars. I want to turn away but my mind won’t let me. Another snapshot.

It’s two years later now. I’m 9 years old. Those memories still go through my head like it happened yesterday. I can’t sleep through the night because of the snapshots burned into my mind.

The author's comments:
I know it is sad.

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