Eddie's Story

January 21, 2011
Eddie was a regular kid, with a completely normal life style. He felt he had nothing really “special” going on for him in life. One day Eddie was going home from school. He had such a horrible day and had no idea that his day was going to only get so much more vexed. So as he’s gathering his things to get off the bus he hears many sirens and shortly after see’s a couple of ambulance trucks and fire trucks. He gets out and continues on his way to his house which he recently moved in to. Only to see that all the commotion that was going on was going on at his new home. He could smell the smoke in the air from two blocks away where the bus stop was. He saw a lot of fog coming out the windows once he arrived at the front, and right away got this anxious feeling that took place from in his chest to his stomach. Eddie was seventeen years old the oldest of four children. He was the only boy also. One of his sisters Marissa was thirteen years old, another Madison was ten years old and the youngest Melissa was going to be five years old. He got scared as he ran towards the house pushing past the crowd of people watching. He was panicking, he knew Marissa was still in school because she gets out later then him but Madison and Melissa were in the house. He knew they were there with their mother. He wondered how did this happen. Many thoughts just continued on popping up in his mind. He asked a firefighter if anyone was in there and the guy replied yes there were three females in there. The second he said that Eddie tried to go into this burning house to get them out. He felt like these men weren’t even doing their jobs right. They weren’t taking it serious. As he tried they stopped him, they said this is too dangerous. So he got really upset. He tried again through the back of the house and somehow no one really realized that’s what he went to do. To try to save his family being the “man of the house”.
Eddie went through his living room and didn’t see none of his sisters or mother around. So he went upstairs and that’s where the fire started. He couldn’t see anything and the smoke was too thick for him to breathe. Desperately he looked and managed to make it to his mother’s room where she was on the floor and had fainted. Eddie being very strong for a teenager was able to pick up his mother from the floor and bring her to where the paramedic had been. The firefighters told Eddie that it wasn’t a good idea. They advised him to not go back in there but he did anyways. They made it clear to him that the building was ready to collapse at any second but he didn’t care. His adrenaline was very high and he really wanted to get his two baby sisters out of there. So he ran back up jumping across the fire in the stair way and Madison saw him she called him and was cautious and fine. Just couldn’t really breathe. He guided her out which was the easiest one to save. However Melissa, the youngest suffered from asthma and the fire had started in her room somehow. Melissa very scared and struggling to breathe saw a firefighter that was there. She went to the firefighter and they got her out rushing her to the hospital. Eddie was still looking around trying to find Melissa. The fire fighters didn’t know that Eddie went back. Right after the firefighter got out with Eddie’s sister the house collapsed. Eddie really had so much love for his family and wanted to save them all, and if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t have survived. He ended his life a hero.

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