I Am My Son's Father

January 21, 2011
By Brittany Payne-Purse BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Brittany Payne-Purse BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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“Kai, come down and get you cereal before it gets soggy!” Julianne Holloway told her three year old son. Kai came running down the stairs at full speed, yelling and chanting “My first day of pre-school.”

“Kai, please stop yelling and eat!” she demanded “Honey, breakfast is ready!” she shouted towards the ceiling. She was rushing so much in the semi-tiny kitchen she almost tripped on Kai’s pick-up truck.

“My darling wife, I am sorry to say I cannot eat your delicious breakfast this morning,” Ian Holloway pronounced sarcastically. “I am in a rush and have to be at the office in like five.” He exclaimed to her.

“I thought you were taking Kai to his first day of pre-school?” She turned to yet to him as he ran out the door he looked back as he headed for the door to say,

“No, you said you were. I told you I had to be in early today, I love you and see you later kiddo. Good luck.” he looked back as he headed out the door. It was a hell house. She dropped her head and went to put her husband’s plate in the microwave oven over the stove. Kai jumped off of his seat to say,

“Mommy I am ready for school now, take me.” Kai jumped off of his seat to say. She looked at her son and smiled.

“Is the monster ready to go to school? Well let mommy go get her purse than I’ll drop you off ok?” She looked at her son and smiled. He nodded yes. She enjoyed seeing her little boy happy. The excitement of his face, his little brown eyes sparkle and his brown bushy hair jiggle as he jumped.

On the way out the door with Kai the phone rang.

“Go wait out on the porch and don’t go anywhere, I have to get the phone really quick.” She walked over to the house phone that sat on the hallway shelf and picked up. It was Julianne’s mom,

Julianne: Hello, Holloway residence?

Caller: Hey Annie, how is my grandson for his first day of school?

Julianne: Hi mom, he is good I need to take him now before he is late.

Grand mom: Ok good! And you husband?

Julianne: He is good mom please be nice. Hold on Kai ran off the porch.
She placed the phone down to go run after her son.

“Kai, come here right now and get away from the curb!” Demanding and pointing. Kai soon begin playful ran into the street, he paused and said,

“Mommy chase me!” Kai soon begin playful ran into the street. He paused ran to the other side of the street. She crossed the street to go retrieve her son.

She crossed the street to go retrieve her son. “Don’t you scare mommy like…” She couldn’t finish her sentence.

“MOMMMMMY!” Kai screamed loud. The car that just hit her stopped on its brakes and a tall man came rushing out the car and ran over to her.

“Ma’am, ma’am?” the tall blond male called to her but no response. The next door neighbor, Ms. Connerly, came out shocked. She went to the other side of the street to pick up Kai and to take him into the house. She ran in to call the ambulance and while about to do so she realized the phone was off the hook:

Ms Connerly: Hello, hello?

Grand mom: Where is Julianne, this is her mom

Ms. Connerly: Ma’am Julianne was just hit by a car outside of the house, but I am with Kai and the ambulance just came.
The phone went silent. Ms. Connerly put Kai in the living room on the couch. Kai watched out the front window as his mom lay on a stretcher. He knew something was wrong. And after ten minutes his grandmother came.

“What happened to my daughter? Tell me now!” she demanded but the paramedics would not give her an answer, “But I am her mother.” The man shook his head and closed the door and rushed her to the nearest hospital. Ms. Connerly called Ian to tell him what happened. Later she met him at the hospital with Kai and the grandmother.

Later she met him at the hospital with Kai and the grandmother. “Kai was playing in the street when she went to go get him the car hit her.” Ms. Connerly explained. Ian was devastated he put his face in his hands as he went in to see his wife in the hospital room hooked up to all a bunch of tubes. He touched her face gently and stroked her long blond hair. He could do nothing but cry.

She later awoke and saw her husband there near her and asked, “Where is Kai?”

“He is out there with your mother and Nicole Connerly.” He told her.

“I just wanted to save him honey I did, I know I am not going to make it..”

“Please Annie do not talk like this you will make it.”

“I will no. My breathing is getting to hard and I am barely holding on,” she started off, “Ian please if I die today, just please take care of Kai. Whatever you do, do not let my mom get to him, she will ruin his life. Fight for him. I love you and I love Kai, just let him know mommy loves him.”

“Julianne, I love you too and Kai loves you, but do not talk like this.” He said as she looked at him.

After five minutes she said to him then “Goodbye Ian.” And the equipment went off beeping to the failure of a heart. “Cold Blue! Cold Blue!” The people came rushing in as Ian slowly reached down to kiss his wife lips for the last time.

The author's comments:
It is about a picture I have seen in class. Lifetime movies kind of inspired me to write something like this, because i like dramatic realistic fiction. Realistic fiction is more of my interest.

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