2 arch enemies

January 21, 2011
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Sammi and Kelly are locked up in a classroom, with one door and no windows. They are alone together. See now Kelly can’t stand Sammi because Sammi likes Kelly’s brother. But now Sammi and Kelly’s brother are just friends. But Kelly has been trying to make Sammi’s life miserable, so in the middle of their nastiness, Kelly’s brother Landon locked Kelly and Sammi in the classroom. Being class president, he has a key.

“Dang!’’ said Sammi. “I’m going to kill him.”
“OH, when is he going to get that I hate you”
“Why do I even put up with your problems?”
“You put up with me because you’re in love with my brother.” Kelly said sarcastically.
“I’m not in love with your brother!”… “And even if I was, that doesn’t give you the right to be a complete brat to me.”
“I have to be a brat becau-.” Kelly stopped.
“Because what?”
“Never mind.”
“It’s just that he acts like he’s in love with you.”
“Uh …… yeah right.”
“I’m being serious Samantha.”
“WOW! That still doesn’t explain why you’re such a brat to me.”
“You still don’t get it. He’s always talking about you. He’s starting to forget about me.”
“What? He loves you more than anything else in the world.”
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“Yeah. He’s constantly talking about how much his family means to him.”
“I just thought that if I made your life a living hell, you would give up and leave him alone.”
“Ok then. I don’t want you to feel like I’m taking him away from you.”
“I know.”
“And next time you feel threatened by me, say something. Ok?”

After about 3 hours in the classroom, Landon came back to let them out. He was expecting to find a dead body. But to his surprise Kelly and Sammi walked out laughing.

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