The Love Season

January 21, 2011
By Vanessa Castro BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Vanessa Castro BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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One summer when I went to Tokyo with my best friends, Elliot and Zoey, a lot of things happened. I guess they should say ‘what happens in Tokyo stays in Tokyo’ instead of using the capital Sin City of the world for that slogan but anyway to make a long story short, there was a lot of kissing, hugging, and walking. You might think I mean walking as in an exercising sense but NO I mean as in walking away from each other!
I tried to enjoy my summer but I can at least say that I did just a little bit, even though this whole love triangle drove me freaking insane. Whatever though, I would rather be in a love triangle any day than to be the third wheel, which is going to lead to my next drama story! Ooooh my goddd, so tell me why Elliot and I had a thing right but then Zoey felt like the third wheel so she had to butt in the whole “luvy duvy” situation I had going on! I was sooo pissed man, you don’t even know, but you know me I had the best plan which I felt so bad doing because Zoey is my good friend but she had a friend in Tokyo anyway so she shouldn’t mind. Anyway, as I was saying…so I planned the whole day for me and Elliot to just hang out. We cruised around the whole city, it was so beautiful. It was nothing I ever imagined before. But…back to my story, so we get a call right and guess who it is?! ZOEY! Ughh, at this point I really wanted to cry because she didn’t even call MY phone, she called Elliot’s of course! I thought to myself and I’m like “WOW, she really is trying to pull this whole c*** block thing together” and she was very well succeeding!
You know what I shouldn’t even be getting mad over this because that was like two summers ago. But as I was saying, so she called right and she was asking Elliot where we were at and of course like a dumb a** he told her “tsk tsk”. I didn’t know if this kid was interested in me or her, or if he was just slow and didn’t understand the whole “ALONE” concept! Sheesh, so yea…’Wow, I’m sorry that was just a b**** move!’ But anyway, so this kid gives her directions and she meets up with us at some restaurant, I don’t even know how to pronounce the name, but yea she’s there right and she just going on and on and on about how her and her friend spent the whole day taking pics of every beautiful landmark. I’m sitting here in this corner and all I hear is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! How much longer can Zoey go?! Oh my goodness, so at this point I just let them be and I went back to the hotel and got in the hot tub and just spent my night alone! I know, sad right?! So I mean obviously Elliot and Zoey had way more in common than he did with me. I guess you could say I ended up being the third wheel anyway, but NOPE you’re wrong. I met this sexy student there; he was on a class trip which was perfect because we coincidently live in the same state. So now Zoey and I are both in great relationships and Elliot is left alone. Sorry Elliot, hah!

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