January 21, 2011
By Jacob Schwartz BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jacob Schwartz BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Man I hate being stuck in a room with no way out especially with someone I don’t like and don’t get along with. I hate how all the big kids always pick on the little kids like me. Sometimes you just have to step up to the big guys and just put them in their place. There’s one person I hate the most by the name of goliath. He always picks on me because I’m so much smaller than him. Well he doesn’t know what he has coming to him. Let’s just say I’m going to be his worst nightmare.

“Hey David” Goliath says. “Give me your lunch money little buddy”. No I’m not giving you anything, go work for it yourself. Goliath said “oh yes you will or ill beat you up, just remember you walk home alone and I know where you live.” David says “I wish you would follow me home.” I’m afraid you won’t make it home” goliath says. Oh really I guess we will see how that goes than now wont we? Goliath you’re not as tough as you think. I know you like to bully little kids because you over power them. But if you were as tough as you think you are, you would pick on someone your own size.

Hey Goliath are you going to follow me home or what? I didn’t say I was going to follow you home today little guy. I’ll catch you when your least expecting it. “Yeah that’s what they all say” David said. Goliath said “You know what I’ve had enough of your little mouth for today. So we can do this the easy way or hard way, take your pick little man.” David said “Oh ill take the hard way cause I’ve been ready to beat you up since you started bullying me.”
Goliath then goes to respond, and David hit him with an upper cut. Before Goliath can do anything David kicks him in the balls a few times. Goliath drops as you hear a big boom. He screams out OUCH!!!! David hits him in the face when he’s on the ground. Goliath goes to grab him and gets the back of his shirt. David thought he was dead once Goliath got a hold of him. Luckily when goliath grabbed the shirt it ripped. David turned around a started laughing at him, while he’s on the ground in pain. David kicks him in the face a few more times. Than says “I told you your not as tough as you thought you were and you just got beat down by someone not even half your size.

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