Crime: an Upcoming Epidemic

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Cities are meant to be peaceful. Busy? Yes. Hectic? Maybe. But dangerous, frightening, and crime ridden? Never. Lately, Milwaukee has started to become worse than ever, with clandestine gangs and organizations planning flagrant crimes every night. This is not Gotham city people; we don’t have an inexorable super hero running around our streets working to stop the bad guys running rampant with their inane power struggle.

Perhaps we should take a page out of Gotham’s books and admonish somebody to stand up and fight the growing crime rate. We need a Batman. Granted, he worked by putting people under duress to get what he wanted, he had the right idea, and we need someone who can defend us from the gangs, shop lifters, muggers, and other culprits who threaten the peace of Milwaukee. We have the police force, yes, and a police force captain but maybe we should get them some help so they are not overrun and beaten down. I mean after all it certainly cannot be easy making sure a whole city is safe and that the moral ethics of it are upheld.

We want our city to be safe, and with the crime rate growing by two percent steadily every year since 2001, and jumping by five percent just last year putting us at a hefty eighty-two percent in 2010, it most defiantly is not. We have more Gang violence than ever, as well as robberies, murders, missing people, and hate crimes than ever before. Our beloved city has become one of the top ten most dangerous places in the country. But, if we work together we can be our cities Batman and by helping our officers by doing what they ask and abiding by the laws, we can do our part in cleaning up the streets and making Milwaukee a better place where we can all co-exist peacefully knowing that we are safe from danger and high crime rates. We can make it a city where people are not afraid to be outside alone, or where no longer people have to peek to make sure there is nothing going on in an ally before they walk passed. Now that sounds like a great future, wouldn’t you concur?

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