I'll Wait For You

January 16, 2011
By , north tonawanda, NY
“Hun what do you think of this one?” Natallie asked
“It looks the same dear!” Elliot sneered
“Please come here and look at these with me, I don’t want to make all of the decisions.”
“You’re sitting in an empty room looking through magazines for what? Because the magic stick said you were pregnant? These aren’t always right.”
“Elliot come on, think about it. What did we do on our honeymoon? What hasn’t come the past month? What is your problem, aren’t your happy? You were more excited than me just a week ago. What’s wrong?”
“I don’t care. I have to finish my book. You keep looking at your paint swatches.”
“You haven’t taken a break from your stupid book! You practically ignored me on our honeymoon every day, and made me go skiing by myself. Oh and God forbid was I allowed to be tired at the end of the night because that was when you wanted attention!”
“How about this, after your doctor’s appointment and the person who went to med school tells you that you are pregnant, I will start caring.”
“That is fine. I really want you to be a part of this, I’ll wait for you. Are you going with me to the doctors tomorrow?”
“No, I already told you that I’m going to the gym with Paul to clear my mind then working on my book again!”

Natallie who was disgusted with her husband, calmly walked out of the room. Elliot annoyed by her actions slammed his office door shut. She went to the large, brown recliner by the fire place to relax.
Nervously Natallie paces the house. It is the morning of her doctor’s appointment. She keeps looking at her watch, “okay fifteen more minutes.” She tells herself. Natallie walked up and down the hall way, then to the kitchen. She starred at the clock on the stove, when all of a sudden the front door opened.
“Elliot?” She excitedly questioned.
“Ya?” he replied
“I…I thought you weren’t going to be home.”
“Why wouldn’t I be?” he snottily remarked
“So you can go with me? I really don’t want to go alone! I want you there with me.” She pleaded
“That’s today? Oh..eh…I guess I can pencil you in. let me go change I guess.”
“Well okay. Hurry up because we need to leave in five minutes or else I’ll be late.” Natallie rambled off.
“Okay, stop nagging me!” Elliot yelled over his shoulder as he walked to the bedroom.
Natallie is relieved that Elliot is going with her. As she went to sit down on the couch her phone rings. Her mother Madelyn called to wish her good luck and to apologize for not being in town to go with her. Natallie realizes the time and cuts her mom off the phone. She gets up from the couch and walks down the hall to the bedroom. She hears a noise at the bathroom and stops.
“Are you in the shower?!” she yelled in shock.
“Um ya, I stink! I just got home from the gym!” Elliot yelled back at her
“Well we have to go! How much longer are you going to be?” she asked
“Probably at least another twenty minutes till I’m ready.” He replied
“Why do you do this to me? I can’t wait that long!” she cried out
“Then go without me! I wouldn’t want to p*ss you off more than you already are!”
“I’m not p*ssed off? Just a little upset.” She whispered to herself

Natallie grabbed her purse and coat and walked to her car. She begins to cry as the car backed out of the driveway. She turns on her the radio and while flipping through the stations a very familiar song was on. It was her wedding son “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. Natallie begins to smile the rest of the way to the doctor’s appointment.
When she arrives, everyone was so nice. Getting her water and asking questions about her honeymoon. She becomes over whelmed with happiness and her eyes began to water.
“Okay Ms. Price come this way please” a nurse said
“It’s actually Mrs. Dublin now!” Natallie smiled

Natallie walks in the room with confidence and excitement. She looks around at the little sonograms of the other babies and grins.
“Okay Natallie, I’m going to have you lay down here and we will get this going!” The doctor says excitedly.
“What’s that?” Natallie asked.
“That’s your heart, and any moment now we should see something on that screen.” The doctor explained.
“What’s wrong?” she chocked
“Um, when did you take the test at home?” the doctor asked
“Almost two weeks ago. I took it the last day of our honeymoon before we came home.” Natallie began to cry
“I’m really sorry Mrs. Dublin, but it seems you’re not pregnant. I am so sorry.” The doctor apologized.

Natallie trying to hold back the tears got back in her car and drove home. When she pulled in the drive way she whipped her eyes and walked inside. She goes down the long hall to the last door on the left.
…knock knock.
“Your home already?” Elliot asked
“Ya, can I come in please. I think we need to talk.” She spoke softly
“Really? Why?” He argued
“Elliot please, I want to tell you something important.” Natallie began to cry
“What could be more important than me trying to finish my book? You’ve never appreciated my work. Why should I appreciate you?” he rudely said.
“I’m sorry hun, I’ll leave you alone.” Natallie grabbed her purse and coat and walked out the door.

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