Guardian Angel

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

"Get out of my house." Mom hisses at me. I walk out and slam the door so loudly, it snaps off it's hinges. I could hear her screaming after me.

"JUST LIKE YOUr FATHER! ALWAYS LEAVING! GETTING DRUNK WITH YOUR FRIENDS! GET AWAY!!!!" She shrieks. she's so drunk she doesn't remember that Dad died of an alcohol problem five years ago. She also forgets that I'm her 14 year old daughter.

My father had always been drunk. When he was alive, he had been a celebrity,rich and wealthy. Something made him stress out, the tabloids, maybe? He began to drank and he began to take friends with him home and they would gamble. Sometimes, when he lost, he'd beat Mom.

I had only been 9, I didn't understand. Mom would make sure I was in my room, so I hadn't known. In fact, I didn't know until two years ago, when Mom accidentally left those magazines out and I saw what was written. I never knew Father, I realized that day.

Everyone at school read those stupid tabloids and laughed at me and made fun of my mother. They said those horrible words. Why would they say those things?

Now I was leaving my house, my mother shouting after me. I knew where I was going to go. My friend, Josephina, Jo for short. We did crazy stuff. She knew what I was going through. Her mother had been addicted to drugs, but her mother hadn't been famous. Her business had been hers to keep, but mine was sold to people without my wishing.

So, walking away from my trailer house( That's where Mom moved after Dad died), I go to Jo's house. When I get there, I smell smoke. I notice Jo on the street, standing back and staring at her house.

"What's going on?" I ask, keeping my fear and disbelief inside. She just stared and I began to notice several things. Her house was smoking, her face was blackened with ashes, and two boys were running away to the street, laughing and cheering.

Jo let out a fearsome scream, and the collapsed to her knees, shaking with her sobs.
* *

When we return to school the next day. Jo tells me everything. She told me how she had taken a nap and, when she woke up, two boy were in her kitchen light matches. She told me they ran out of her house and left the matches. Jo explained how the fires had already leaped to the kitchen rags and anything flammable.

For some reason I didn't believe her. First off, she always claims her mother haunts her house. I think she lit the house on fire. However, I don't know why those boys would run.

Whatever had happened, I had only Jo's story to rely. So did the authorities. They never caught the boys and What Jo told me was the only thing she told the police.

Something was different about first period. Me and Jo both noticed it. There was a new girl. The English teacher, Mrs.Polik, announced her name was Fate Stardom, and she came here from New York. She said the normal new student things, be friendly, welcome.

Fate had decided to next us, as strange as that was. I mean, no one liked me and Jo. We were pretty, were had nice, curvy bodies, we were skinny, but everyone knew we hung out because we had problems. I guess Fate didn't see that.

" Hi." She said. She had a pretty voice. She had short blonde hair that shot out in the sides, pointy, like that girl in Twilight.She had blue eyes and a slight face and pale skin. She smiled, showing bright teeth.

"My name's Jo, this is Kat." Jo replied in a flat voice. I knew Fate couldn't hear her sarcasm. I just nodded, sat up straighter, and began to take notes.

We all began to notice Fate liked to answer questions. She would always raise her hand. Mrs. Polik was delighted.

Fate had next period with me too. Actually, she shared all my classes. This surprised me. She was made to sit next to me, THANK YOU ARRANGED SEATS.

Fate sat next to me in lunch, which was completely her choice. I just shrugged it off. She talked only if I wanted to talk to her. It wasn't that she was quiet, she just talked only when necessary. She can't asking if she could come over. I told her she couldn't. She asked why.

Eventually, I was forced to tell her my life story.

"Wow. That's..." Her answer to my little flash was so unexpected. I expected her to start scooting away towards that group that talked. Get up and ask to go to the principle's office to change her classes. Or at least to ask to change her seat. I did not expect her answer.

"That is so not right. That has nothing to do with you. You didn't make your Dad and your Mom drink. It's okay." and then she gave me a hug. She smelled sweetly of kindness and understanding. I realized right then and there that I had been accusing myself of what my Father did. Did he drink cause the responsibility? Had I done something wrong? I hugged her back and I began to cry.

She came over that day. My mom was in her hangover. She even cracked MOM, which made Mom pour everything out. She, too, wondered if Dad had drank because of her. She told me she liked Fate and wanted her to come over everyday. I agreed.

I told Fate this. She agreed as well. I went to the mall with her and we changed my wardrobe from 'I don't care about life' to 'Hello'. We got me new makeup. We even cleaned out my room.

The next day, Fate didn't come to school. I asked Mrs.Polik what happened, but she didn't look em in the eye. I asked Jo. She, however, smiled but said nothing. I asked everyone.

Finally, I got home. Mom was crying. Broken beer bottle filled the kitchen along with her tears.

When I asked her what was wrong, she shoved the newspaper in my face.

The title was "Fate Stardom, honest girl going to high school, found murdered in home."

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Hope you enjoy!!!!

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