Perfectly Imperfect Life

January 18, 2011
By Googlegirl13 BRONZE, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
Googlegirl13 BRONZE, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
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“Josi, Will you please come down stairs so I can talk to you?”
“Yeah, hold on a sec.”
I already knew what she was going to say. It was that time of the week. I hate when she approaches me, then asked that same question.

“Mom! I’m coming chill.”
Ughh. She makes me so angry. I didn’t wanna go down them stairs any faster than I am.
“So Josi the bring your daughter to work day is coming up Saturday, and I want you to come.” says mom.
“Ugh, But I wanna go with Haken Saturday!” I said.
“You know how much i want you to become a lawyer when you grow up.” Mom said.
I can’t believe she doesn’t know I don’t want to be a lawyer. I put out the signals all the time. My mom is always pressuring me to be like her and dad, but you know what I don’t want to be like them. I am 16. I want grow up and have a family with Haken. I want to get married as soon as I finish High School. Haken and I have it all planned.
I told mom that I wasn’t going with her to the bring your daughter to work day, and she said i was grounded.
“But mom, Why am I grounded?, I didn’t do anything wrong!”
“Go to you room!” says mom.
I began to stomp. I screamed “This is not fair. I did not do anything wrong!”
I was biting my lip trying to hold back from yelling at my mom. I knew if I started yelling her, she would ground me longer. I stomped all the way up the steps, all the way to my room. I entered my room and slammed the door super hard. So hard it shook the mirror that was hanging on my wall almost knocking it off.
Furiously, I called up Haken to tell him what my mom did.
He said “Babe, Why don’t we just run away together, I am 17, I can drive remember?”
“Yeah, I remember but I don’t want to disappoint my parents, they do so much for me!”
“Well, they want you to be something your not.” says Haken.
“Then it’s final we are running away tomorrow, but we have to make it seem like we went missing.” I said.
“Why would we do that?” asked Haken.
“I want to make it seem like we were kidnapped and they kidnappers killed us so nobody will ever bother us again.” I answered.
“Good idea. So when are we going to run away?”
“Tomorrow. I will write the ransom note tonight and we will leave tomorrow afternoon.” I exclaimed.
“Alright. But what about money?” Haken asked.
“ I have a trust fund with 5,000 dollar in it. I will get it out tomorrow and we will be set for like a couple months.” I said.
“Alright. Well I gotta go. I will see you tomorrow. Bye I love you!”
“I love you too, Bye!”
I started writing the ransom note it took me forever, but i finished it. It said:
Dear Josi’s Parents,
I’ve taken Josi captive and you will never see her again. Unless you give me 1,000,000 dollars by tomorrow by the old railroad station, under an old rail car.
I thought to myself what a lame ransom note but that would have to do. I knew they parents did not have that kind of money.

The next morning came so quickly. My mom was in the kitchen making breakfast.
“Hey, what are you doing today?” mom asked.
“Oh probably just going to Haken’s house or something.” I said.
“Oh okay Josi. Just make sure you’re home before 10:30 tonight.” said mom.
“Alright.” I said
But i knew I was not coming back tonight. Not ever. I felt bad just leaving, but I will never get a chance to start a family with Haken. I have to leave them.
So I finished eating breakfast and I went upstairs to start packing things. I knew I couldn’t take a lot because my parents will know something is up if most of the things are gone.
I finished packing and hid my stuff in the backyard while I went to the bank to get my money. Haken met me there and I told him I wrote that ransom not and that i was very lame.
Haken said “Oh Wow it would have to do though. So when are we leaving?”
“I will have to go back to my house and get my things then we can go.” I said anxiously
“ Well where are we going?” Haken asked.
“ My parents have this cabin up in the woods we can go to until we find a home.” I said excitedly
I could barely think straight. I love the cabin. I couldn't wait to get there. It was surrounded by lots of trees. It was spring so the leaves would be turning back to green. The last time i was there, there was a lot of flowers growing, but that was back when 12. we haven’t had the time to go since dad got that traveling job. Ugh, my parents mess up everything.
“Okay, That will work. I’ll pick you up at four.” Haken said
Back at the house, I waited. It felt like forever. Just waiting and waiting. It was 3:17. Ugh! I Just want to get out of this house I thought. I started reading this interesting book about this elephant. It was a kids book but it was still interesting. That took me like 30 minutes. 3:47 almost time to leave. I turned on the TV for the rest of the time. the show was Criminal Minds.
Four o’clock came very slowly I met Haken outside. My mom wasn’t home. I thought that worked out pretty great. We drove to the cabin.
“I haven’t been here since I was little. I miss coming up here every summer. When we came up we would always go to the lake and swim.” I said passionately
“It is so peaceful up here.” Haken said.
It has been 5 hours since I talked to mom last I thought to myself. I wonder what she is doing. Haken fell asleep around 10:30, but I couldn’t sleep. I just knew my mom would call me to see where I was at. I knew I couldn’t answer though. I feel really bad leaving my parents but I couldn’t stand living in that house with them wanting me to be something that I’m not!
Suddenly my cell phone started ringing. It was my mom. I didn’t want it to wake up Haken, So I put it under my pillow. She had to of called 15 times. I didn’t answer. I knew she would all them cops after the 20th time. I just knew it. I fell asleep thinking about my mom.
The next morning I checked the Internet on my phone. In big letters across the screen was Missing Persons Josi Walker. It said I went missing last night around 10:30 PM. I woke Haken up as soon as I read that.

“Why are you so worried?” he asked
“I’m not worried. I’m just surprised that my name is already listed under missing persons.” I answered.
Meanwhile back at my house, I knew my mom was going crazy. She was trying to think why I would go missing. Was it that I was too hard on her I knew that was what she was thinking.
Haken and I had the most wonderful time while we were at the cabin. We both loved it there. We both never wanted to leave but we knew eventually we would have to find a new home. We wanted to make that fun last while it could.
Days and weeks went by. The cops closed my case. We were never found. We changed our names and our looks a little so no one would recognize us. Mine was Samantha Jones and Haken’s is Josh Jones. Haken and I found an apartment right outside Nashville. Haken worked at McDonald's. I couldn’t really work in a public place because people might recognize me, so I work as a phone operator for this hot line.
That gave us enough money we needed to survive.
I haven’t talked or seen my parents for like 2 months. I miss them so much, but I knew I could never go back to them now. I think eventually we will be found, but that’s another story.

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