The story of valentine

January 19, 2011
By leo_roxxs09 BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
leo_roxxs09 BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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In a small town called Wing Zoo just outside of Italy lived a young girl and young boy. The girls name is Valentine, she is twenty-two, the boys name is Sam, and he is fifteen. The brother and sister loved to laugh, hiss, roar, shriek and just make whatever noise they could make. One, day when V (Valentine) and Sam were outside they noticed the sky looked like an aqua and milky color. V was so overwhelmed and blissful, while Sam was furious and opposed. V was curious why Sam was acting like this? She just ignored it. The next day Sam was so distracted and sad, V didn’t know what to do. So V took Sam into the city, she told him that she had a job for him. If he completed the task he would get something important. Sam was confused and didn’t know what V was saying. V took Sam into a room and told him that he needed to trust her!

Everything would be okay. Sam started to get worried and anxious as soon as Sam started to talk, V cut him and, told him to stay here, and then she left. Sam sat there empty, pained, and odd of why his big sister just left him there Sam sat there for hours waiting and wondering why V had left him. Finally Sam went home, on his way he smelled a fragrant so tempting he was in search to find this petite, short, glamorous, beautiful, and brunette. As he begins to follow the scented air he notices it starts to get foggy and hazy. Sam keeps walking… its quiet… thumps, but then realizes it had been his own footsteps. Yet in his mind he’s still thinking of that strange yet beautiful brunette.

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