January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Every single day since the start of high school, she had noticed a certain boy walk past her to her sixth period class. They had always made eye contact and flashed a quick smile to each other.

One day, she had noticed that he was standing with her group of friends during break at school as she approached the circle. As she had come closer to her friends, she caught a glance at her best friend who had a very joyous expression on her face. She smiled back at her friend and heard, “Annie, this is Paul. Paul and I are finally going out! This is the guy I’ve been telling you about for weeks.” She had been telling Annie about a guy for weeks, however, Annie had never paid attention to his name or that he had also attended the same high school as them.

When the bell rang to go to class, Annie watched while her best friend, Megan, and Paul had walked away hand in hand. She suddenly had a feeling of disappointment and a lump in her throat. She had thought that this guy was attractive for so long and never had told her friends because of embarrassment. Now she was forced to put a smile on her face and be happy for her best friend because she knew that Megan was ecstatic about the situation.

In her next few classes she thought about how she would have to fake her happiness for her best friend. She thought that she could either sit back and go along for this crazy ride, pretending to be okay with the relationship, or she could use this opportunity to get closer with Paul and maybe he would leave Megan for her. Her conscience had flip flopped back and forth. She had a strong desire to talk to Paul and get to know him better, and maybe even flirt with him. However, she knew that she couldn’t talk to him in that way without breaking Megan’s heart.

Her heart had ached and she was unsure of what to do. Should she confront Megan and tell her that she had dibs on this guy because she had seen him first? No, that wouldn’t work; Megan didn’t even know that Annie had known who Paul was in the first place. Also, that wouldn’t have be the right thing to do because she would be stabbing Megan in the back.

After thinking for a long time, Annie had chosen the difficult path for herself; she would hide her disappointment and putt on a happy face for Megan. After all, it was the right thing to do; it was her own fault that she had not told her friends how she had seen someone she thought she might like at school. As a best friend she would always be there for Megan, through the happiness and through the sadness. She would lift her up when she was down, and congratulate her when she was happy, it was just what best friends did. As much as she liked Paul, Annie knew that she would never be with Paul and never count him as more of a friend. Maybe this was just meant to be and had happened for a reason.

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