My Great "Family"

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

In the village of Hartland everyone is influenced by someone around them. I’m influenced by my friends.

If you were to scrutinize them, you would find only amicable traits. When we need each other, we aren’t loath to help. They come right and away and listen to what I say. We all do what we can to take care of one another. When Shannon’s sister was acting nefarious we took her to Starbucks so she could relax and get away from her sister’s vexatious behavior.

One wouldn’t say we are ineffectual with one another, because we’re basically our own family. We cry, fight, and laugh together. We cried when my grandma was diagnosed with a malady. We fight by being astute with one another. And we laugh when we do something stupid.

I shape myself after me “family” because through my eyes they’re the best people I know. We understand and accept our differences like how our friend Kaylie is an advocate for vegetarianism, so when we’re around her we try not to eat meat.

If the people around you influence you then I am a caring, patient, sarcastic, friendly, and nice person. My friends have changed me for the better, and they have affected my life in a way that I can’t thank them enough. They solicit me to become a better person, and because of them I have.

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